Cameron Wurf returns to compete in triathlon in Spain

He will do it in the Spanish LD Triathlon Championship

The Australian triathlete Cameron Wurf will wear a number again in a triathlon in Spain, after having been competing for some time in the INEOS professional cycling team

Will do it in the Spain LD Championship which will be held in Platja d'Aro on May 30

In 2019 Wurf, he finished fifth in the IRONMAN World Championship of Hawaii and holds the cycling segment record in this test.

Also that year he got the victory in the IRONMAN Australia e Italy with record included.

The test will be the return of Wurf to competition, although it will not stop competing in cycling.

Professionals in the test

In the men's category in addition to Wurf there will be Joe Skipper, , Jaroslav Kovacic, William Romain, Morten Olsen o Aranaud-Guilloux

As for the Spaniards, they stand out Gustavo Rodríguez, winner of the Half Triathlon Pamplona-Iruña, Emilio Aguayo, Eneko Llanos, Gonzalo Fuentes, Víctor Arroyo o Mikel Ugarte.

In the female category, the British stand out Niki Bartlett or the switzerland Emma Bilham, and the Spanish Judith Corachán, Merce Tusell, Ivet Farriols o Alba Reguillo.

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