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Reinosa, venue of the 2015 Winter Triathlon European Championship

The next January 31 2015, the Cantabrian town of Reinosa will become the scene of the European Winter Triathlon Championship.



The European Triathlon Federation (ETU) has designated this iconic Spanish municipality, which has a long history in the celebration of winter triathlons. An intense and spectacular discipline, which will bring together the best continental specialists of the modality, and which will be held in the same framework as the Spanish Winter Triathlon Championship.

Located at 75 km from Santander, Reinosa is one of the most emblematic venues of winter triathlon in Spain. The Cantabrian municipality has been hosting competitions in this discipline since the beginning of the 90 years, counting on the participation in the past of great Spanish cycling figures such as Pedro Delgado or Peio Ruiz Cabestany.

The first sector will be formed by 10 km of race on foot, by a circuit that will cross the main streets of Reinosa. After passing through the first transition, 24 km cyclists will be integrated by a hard climb to the Alto Campoo ski resort, to later face a final segment of 10 km of cross-country skiing. The competition will be open to elite, sub23, junior, age groups and paratriathlon categories for PT2, PT3 and PT4.

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