The first Spanish Swim Run Championship will be held on June 26 in Madrid

In the last ten years, being Spanish Swim Run Championship (Cross Aquathlon) will be held on June 26 in Pelayos of the Dam, Madrid, based on one of the two competitions of this modality that have been held in Madrid in recent years.

Competition will combine sections of running through the natural environment with sections of swimming, without transitions and starting from the start the athletes with the material they are going to use.

In pairs or individually, and in two distances, long and sprint, the championship and the discipline are incorporated into the calendar of the Spanish Triathlon Federation in 2022.

From the hand of Antonio de la Rosa

For, Antonio de la Rosa, athlete and adventurer with extensive experience in organizing events that does not give up hope "to see this sport as an Olympic discipline", having the support of FETRI and awarding national titles "will undoubtedly be a boost and a plus of quality for the race".

Connoisseur of the Swim Run since its inception and friend of the first organizers who launched a competition circuit, three years ago he found "the possibility of starting to organize it in Spain on the stages of Madrid"

Consider that “It is a discipline that fits very well with current trends in sports in contact with nature, outside of closed or repetitive circuits and with a great deal of adventure.".

details coming soon

earringsDetails to be finalized in the coming weeks, the routes of the Spanish Swim Run Championship (Cross Aquathlon) 2022 will be identical to those of the Pelayos de la Presa event in previous editions.

La Sprint distance It would consist of 8 kilometers of running on trails, paths and tracks, in eight sections, the same as the total swimming distance of 2 kilometers.

Here at the long distance, they would travel 15 kilometers on foot and 5 by swimming, in ten sections for each surface. All the information can be consulted in the test file here.

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