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Galicia wins the 2024 Spanish Triathlon Championships in Mérida

This weekend, the city of Mérida hosted the CESA Spanish School Age Triathlon Championships and the Spanish Triathlon Championship for Autonomies.

The competition was intense and left the teams of Madrid in the school CESA already Galicia in the absolute of Autonomies.

Galicia wins the Spanish Triathlon Championship by Autonomies

The Galicia senior team stood out in the Spanish Triathlon Championship by Autonomies, achieving 57 total points.

Galicia won both the men's and women's events on Saturday and the Mixed Relay on Sunday.

This performance allowed them to surpass the Andalusian and Madrid teams, who were left with 51 points each. Catalonia and Castilla y León occupied the fourth and fifth positions respectively.

Individual Results

Top 10 Men

  1. Jarno Pousada Troitiño (Galicia) – 16:50
  2. Javier Coscolla Paraled (Aragon) – 16:52
  3. Andres Prieto Villar (Galicia) – 16:57
  4. Raul Gomez Gonzalez (Castile and León) – 16:58
  5. Ivan Gil Gomez (Community of Madrid) – 16:59
  6. Pau Noguera Salmerón (Catalonia) – 17:00
  7. Sergio Ortiz Velasco (Andalusia) – 17:02
  8. Damián Suárez Couto (Galicia) – 17:02
  9. Jesus Vela Vela (Andalusia) – 17:04
  10. Paco Marti Ballester (Valencian Community) – 17:05

Top 10 Feminine

  1. Sara Guerrero Manso (Galicia) – 18:56
  2. Cecilia María Santamaría Surroca (Community of Madrid) – 18:59
  3. Natalia Castro-Santos (Galicia) – 19:03
  4. Clara Aulinas Prat (Catalonia) – 19:10
  5. Francisca Tous Servera (Balearic Islands) – 19:16
  6. Elsa Pena Vincent (Galicia) – 19:19
  7. Maria Alzaga Criado (Galicia) – 19:21
  8. Cristina Jiménez-Orta Guerrero (Andalusia) – 19:29
  9. Iratxe Arenal Arribas (Extremadura) – 19:32
  10. Andrea Manzanero Serrano (Community of Madrid) – 19:39

Madrid wins the CESA 2024 School Age Championship

The Madrid cadet team won the CESA 2024 Spanish School Age Triathlon Championship, accumulating decisive points in the competitions on Saturday and Sunday.

Madrid achieved a total of 55 points, surpassing Catalonia, which obtained 54 points thanks to its victory in the Cadet Mixed Relay, and the Valencian Community, which came third with 52 points. Aragón and Andalusia completed the top five positions.

Mixed Inclusive School and Absolute Relay

A highlight of the championship was the Inclusive Mixed Relay, organized with the collaboration of the Sanitas Foundation.

 In the school category, the Madrid team, with the last relay by the paratriathlete PTVI Diego molina, won the victory. Andalusia and Galicia occupied the second and third positions.

In the Absolute Inclusive Relay, the Region of Murcia won, with a formidable performance by the PTVI paratriathlete Abel Torreblanca. The Balearic Islands and Andalusia completed the podium.


The complete classifications of the Spanish CESA School Age Triathlon Championship, Children's Mixed Relay and School Inclusive Relay, can be consulted here.

The classifications of the Spanish Triathlon Championship by Autonomy and the Absolute Inclusive Relay are available here.

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