The IRONMAN World Championship could have two venues by 2023.

According to information published by Tri-Today el IRONMAN World Championship that will be held in 2023 could have two different venues to separate the male from the female test.

One of them would be the current one, kona in hawaii but the other could be in Europe, specifically in Nice (France).

As reported by the media men will compete on September 10 in Nice while heThe women will do it in October in Kona.

By the year 2024 the races will be reversed, running the women in Nice and the men in Hawaii.

This could happen for the next two years, but it could be expanded and established as a fixture.

This information is based on sources from the newspaper, which according to them are directly related to IRONMAN

IRONMAN's decision to partially relocate the world championship seems to be related to the growing criticism from the local community about Kona, which welcomes thousands of triathletes every year and causes discomfort among the inhabitants of the island.

This year, for the first time, the professional races already took place on two different days and that caused even more logistical inconvenience for the residents of the volcanic island.

According to much of the population, the event is currently too big for the venue.

If the two IRONMAN World Championships in Hawaii and Nice are finally confirmed does not mean that the IRONMAN of Nice ceases to exist, will remain on the calendar for June 25.

We will be attentive to the confirmation of the news

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