The Spanish Triathlon Championship continues and will be held at the end of the month

Pontevedra will host the Spanish Sprint Triathlon Championship on August 22 and 23, with extreme security measures

 El Sprint Triathlon Spain Championship It will be the first competition in the resumption of the calendar and it will be held on August 22 and 23, 2020 under strict security measures.

The FETRI has worked during these months on the return to competition under the premise of a safe return and for this reason, and always under the supervision and in close collaboration of the Health and Government Authorities.

For this it has established a complementary reinforcement of your security measures already developed that can be consulted in the following document:  FETRI action plan (act. July 30, 2020)

It will be a closed event

A closed event will be held for preserve the health of athletes, accredited personnel but also fans, as long as they will not be able to access the venue.

Comprehensive protocol with various controls

Apart from the shielding of the headquarters, an exhaustive protocol is established with a documented record and a full access control to the enclosure.

You will have to fill in a previous medical questionnaire, take of temperature or even a potential measurement of oxygen level, Anyone who accesses it must remain there until the end of the event.

Jorge García, Director of FETRI Competitions «A fully armored and safe event has been planned, starting with the creation of a headquarters around the area of ​​Avenida de Buenos Aires, which runs from the Puente de los Tirantes in the direction of Monte Porreiro.

This headquarters will be practically inaccessible to the public, because all the services will be located there, from the start, to the transition and the finish line, passing through the cloakroom, medical services, recovery area, etc.. "

The perimeter will be shielded to prevent spectators from going

The headquarters will have a perimeter of 1.400 linear meters completely fenced, to prevent spectators from following the development of the competition from there.

The public that wants to see the competition will have to be very far from the central area, so it is strongly requested that you avoid moving towards the Puente de los Tirantes area, since it will not be accessible.

It can be followed by Streaming

To facilitate the monitoring of the competition, from the Organization it will be offered in streaming at direct the two elite competitions, and a fixed camera will be placed at the goal, broadcasting the arrival of the athletes on YouTube.

What are the lines that the athletes, technicians and personnel who are working on the event have to follow?

There will be a single access door to the headquarters, where take the temperature and should be disinfected hands.

A record will be kept of the temperature control and access; and on the first day of access they must provide the medical questionnaire with modifications according to the regulations of the Xunta de Galicia.

As for all the people who travel to the Spanish Championship of Pontevedra from other geographical points, it is mandatory comply with the regulations of the Xunta, which requires the registration of travelers and is available on the Xunta's website.

In addition, athletes will have specific entry times to the venue, since they will not be able to enter or collect the number at any time, they will only be able to do so at the established hours.

As for the competition formats, waiting to see how the elite events are finally defined, the rest of categories sí will compete under the rolling star format, and it will be a competition in which they will not be able to go to the wheel.

All this information will be determined in more detail in the coming dates.

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