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Javier Gómez Noya and Aida Valiño Spanish Acuatlon Champions

The Murcian city of Eagles, faithful to its annual appointment with the Triathlon, hosted this year the Aquathlon Spanish Championship held on Saturday afternoon.

The competition started at 16: 00 h. with the cadet categories before a sun and a very pleasant temperature that predicted an exciting and spectacular sporting day. Madrid Cecilia Santamaría became Champion of Spain Cadet de Acuatlón when prevailing in a sprint very disputed to Carmen Gómez of the Ferrol Triathlon. In boys, Alberto González He was the clear winner.

Later it was the turn of the Junior category, in which Diana Coton in female and Roberto Sánchez in masculine they were made with the triumph in the promenade of Águilas.

The Age Groups and the Paralympic Aquathlon took the witness and in front of the numerous public gathered in the streets, they put the note of effort, sacrifice and ability to overcome the afternoon, as before the Elite races. Ricardo Marín, Raúl Zambrana, Jairo Ruiz, Miguel Ángel Úbeda, Moisés Osuna and Cesar Morán were the winners of the TRI 2 to TRI 7 categories, respectively.

After them, the first place went to the Elite and Sub 23 girls than to the 18: 15 h. they took the exit to complete 2,5 km of running race, 1 km of swimming, to finish again with 2,5 km of running, as did the rest of the participants.

The winner of the test, the Chilean Bárbara Riveros, had to be used in depth in the segments of running race to finally beat by a little difference to which in the end was to be proclaimed Champion of Spain of Acuatlón Elite, Aida Valiño. María Ortega, who crossed the finish line in third place, was crowned as Runner-up of Spain and his teammate, Anna Godoy He completed the podium of the national championship and also proclaimed Champion of Spain of Acuatlón Sub 23, beating Anna Flaquer and Xisca Tous.

At 19: 00 h. It was the turn of the boys, with the expected presence of the silver medal in the past JJ.OO. From london, Javier Gómez Noya. The forecasts were met and the Galician led the test from start to finish, crossing the finish line with a time of 00: 28: 19.

The Spanish runner-up was decided in a spectacular sprint that was resolved with the entry of Pablo Da Pena ahead Emilio Aguayo, with the same time. The latter was in turn, Champion of Spain of Acuatlón Sub 23, ahead of David Castro y Ricardo Hernandez, second and third classified respectively.

In Women's Clubs, Wild Wolf Cidade de Lugo Fluvial he was champion, being the first five athletes who finished the test of the aforementioned club; second place went to the CT Devils of Rivas ahead of Fasttriathlon Club.

In the case of the Men's Clubs, the Galician team repeated the crown and Fasttriathlon Club y CT Devils of Rivas They exchanged the positions they got in girls, being in this case, second and third respectively.

The day ended with the awards ceremony, which was attended by the presidents of the Spanish and Murcian Triathlon Federations and the Councilor for Sports of the Hon. Águilas City Council, closing with this act a thrilling championship full of emotions and has experienced an increase in participation of more than 70% compared to last year; which certifies the exponential growth of triathlon year after year.



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