Emilio Martín and Margarita Fullana Spanish Champions of Duathlon Cros

The town of El Casar in Cáceres has hosted this weekend the latest round of the 2013 national competition calendar: Spanish Duathlon Cros ChampionshipWhere Emilio Martín y Margarita Fullana They climbed to the top of the podium in elite male and female category.




The competition ran through a first stretch of 6 km of running, followed by three bike laps for a tour around the town, to finish with another 3 km of running.


The podium of the Spanish Men's Elite Championship was formed by Emilio Martín Wild Wolf Cidade de Lugo Fluvial in first position, after a very regular competition. The 2012 world champion and current duathlon world runner-up, cemented his triumph in both segments of the race on foot, where he picked the best partials. After the initial 6 km, Martín left the T1 leading the competition. With just five seconds left, Iván Cáceres and Alexis Rodríguez tried to close the gap.


Completed the first of the three cycling laps (19.5 km in total), the Huelva remained in the lead. Next, José Almagro, Jesús de la Morena and Cáceres were placed 20 seconds behind the leader. However, Almagro managed to impose his control over the bicycle and reached the second transition to the front of the competition. Once again, Emilio Martín demonstrated his great conditions in the last stretch of the race on foot and managed to cross the finish line with an advantage of 24 seconds over the second classified.

The silver medal fell on José Almagro (3 Style Triathlon) e Iván Cáceres (CT Imps of Rivas) the bronze medal was hung when entering in goal to 48 seconds of the winner. For its part, the men's Sub-23 podium was headed by Joao Cristovao del Tri-Val Triathlon Valdemoro. After him, Óscar González (Carrasco.es Ciclismo Multidep) won silver and Ignacio Barranco del Deporama Triathlon Soriano, was awarded the bronze medal.



For its part, the IMD Segovia Triathlon Club took the win in the modality of men's clubs. While the CT Diablillos de Rivas was in second place and Tri-Val Triathlon Valdemoro signed the third place in the team classification.


In female elite category, Margarita Fullana proclaimed champion of Spain elite. In the early stages, Lucía Pérez from CT Diablillos de Rivas, commanded the race, leaving the T1 in the lead, followed by Ernestina Bastanchury and Rocío Espada. During the cycling tour, Fullana managed to get ahead and reaped the best record in the sector, and finally the advantage achieved in this segment would be decisive for his final triumph. The athlete of the CC Andratx.es-Bimont was accompanied on the podium by Rocío Espada of the AD Sevilla-Zambru's Bike in second place and María Esther Fernández (Ecosport Triathlon Alcobendas) reached the third place on the podium.


In addition, Helena Candel from Tragaleguas.Org won the U23 female category. By clubs, the victory went to the Alcobendas Ecosport Triathlon. For its part, and as in the men's category, CT Diablillos de Rivas achieved second place and AD Sevilla-Zambru's Bike conquered third place by teams.


Also in the junior category, Cristina González of Albacete Triathlon, won in women. Along with her, Celia Cartas (FS Bike / Corpore Fisio Gym) and Ana Sanroma (Pina Bikes - Beatriz Hotels) completed the podium. In the men's category, XavierJove (Cerrer Igualada) took the gold, followed by Javier Martín (Marlins Triathlon Madrid), and Víctor Martínez (CTA Corre-Cuita); silver and bronze

They were joined by the nearly 300 duathletes who competed throughout the day in the different categories of Age Groups.



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