TRADEINN 140.6INN will not be disputed in 2024 

The organization TRADEINN 140.6INN has announced its cancellation for the year 2024.  

This event will not take place due to political and administrative decisions. 

El TRADEINN 140.6INN It emerged as a light at the end of the tunnel in times of pandemic, offering a high-quality experience in medium and long distance triathlon. 

Athletes of the size of Sam Laidlow y Cameron Wurf have participated in this event, establishing it as a renowned competition. 

Reasons for Cancellation 

According to the official statement, the refusal of the Santa Cristina d'Aro City Council to authorize the passage of the test through its municipality has been the trigger for this cancellation. Furthermore, the Servei Català del Trànsit cannot guarantee the use of alternative routes, leaving the event at a standstill. 

Official announcement

“Hello Triathletes,

We have to announce news that we would never have wanted: Tradeinn International Triathlon will NOT take place in 2024.

As you well know, a sporting event of such magnitude depends on many factors, including obtaining the relevant authorizations from each administrative entity that the event affects.

Although (not without difficulties) we had achieved these authorizations every year, this was not the case for next year's edition.

Due to the refusal notified to the Platja d'Aro City Council by the Santa Cristina d'Aro City Council to authorize the passage of the test through its municipality and the information from the Servei Català del Trànsit that it cannot ensure the use of alternative routes to this municipality, we find ourselves in the situation of not being able to guarantee the cycling route of the test in the next edition.

Under no circumstances is Tradeinn going to launch a test and sell registrations for it without being able to guarantee its celebration, which is why we are sadly obliged not to continue with the event next year.

We are very sad that a test financed 100% by a private company whose investment has exceeded half a million euros each year stopped being held due to a political decision. This cancellation means, among many other things, the direct dismissal of several employees, the non-hiring of more than 40 companies (a total of 600 people have worked each year at the event), stopping receiving more than 3000 visitors to the Province of Girona. during the weekend of the test, stop celebrating the triathlon event that distributes the most money in prizes in Catalonia (€40.000) and lose the only long-distance triathlon in the Province of Girona.

During these three editions we have brought together more than 5000 sports enthusiasts who have been able to fulfill their dream in an idyllic environment such as the province of Girona. If we have to keep something, it is with your smiles when you enter the finish line, with your tears of emotion and with the conviction that the 140.6INN will forever be a part of your lives: Once a finisher, always a finisher!

We want to thank the Platja d'Aro City Council and the Spanish Triathlon Federation for all the effort to be able to carry out this project for three editions. Athletes who had pending transfers will be contacted by the Spanish Triathlon Federation to offer them a transfer to the Spanish Championship of Long Distance of 2024.

Thank you very much for these three years and we hope to see each other again in the future." ç

Economic and Social Impact 

The cancellation not only affects athletes and fans, but also has a significant economic impact.  

A loss of income of around €40.000 is estimated for the province of Girona, in addition to the dismissal of several employees and the cancellation of contracts with more than 40 companies. 


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