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The Kiss The Planet triathlon in Madrid canceled

The organization of the new triathlon that was to be held in Madrid on October 10, the Kiss the planet has decided to suspend the test to safeguard the triathlete safety and State of the water of the Casa de Campo.

La current situation of the pandemic and seeing that it cannot be guaranteed that it can be swim in the Lake of Casa de Campo They have suspended this year's edition and focus on the 2022 one that will be held on March 27.

For its part, the Madrid Triathlon Federation has issued another release explaining that the postponement of the test to a certain date is a unilateral decision of the organizer which is not approved by the Delegate Commission or by the Assembly of this federation and the date of the test for 2022 cannot be guaranteed at the moment.

With regards to Casa de Campo's water situation The Federation foresees in the next days to have the official position of the health areas of the city council regarding the viability of the swim.

Official announcement of the suspension

Hello triathletes! We have to announce that the first edition of the KISS the Planet Madrid Triathlon will not be held on October 10 as planned.

With the sole intention of safeguarding the safety of the triathlete, we have preferred to change the date of the test to March 27, 2022, guaranteeing the full refund of the registration for those competitors who request it.

From the organization we are aware of the health uncertainty in which we are living as a result of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and, to this day, it cannot be guaranteed that the Casa de Campo lake will meet, by the expected date of the test, the ideal sanitary conditions for swimming.

Trusting that the situation will improve and that we will be able to swim again in the Casa de Campo shortly, we believe that, much to our regret, it is better to make this decision in advance and harm the triathletes who are part of the KISS Triathlon as little as possible the Planet. In the same way, the situation of the pandemic in Spain makes us be prudent and give priority, more than ever, to the health of the participants and their companions.

At KISS the Planet we have bet from the beginning on a transparent and honest communication and, therefore, we are convinced that the transfer of the date will help us achieve a test that lives up to the expectations generated, wishing to celebrate a triathlon without the conditions. of the pandemic.

As triathletes, we know the inconvenience of the postponement of a competition and, therefore, we apologize. The support of the different institutions that collaborate in the organization is maximum and, in the absence of official confirmation in the inclusion in the calendar of the year 2022 of the FMTRI (Madrid Triathlon Federation), we will see each other again next spring.

For those triathletes who want to register for the March 27, 2022 edition, registrations remain open and at a reduced price throughout the month of September.

For those of you who are already registered, the options are the following:

- Maintain registration for the March 27 test. For those who have registered at a price higher than the launch price (€ 140), the difference between the amount paid and the € 140 will be returned, with the idea that you will not be harmed by the new price at the opening of the registrations .

- Request a refund of 100% of the registration fee, whether you have contracted cancellation insurance or not.

The email address for any question related to the test is: info@triatlonkisstheplanet.com

See you on March 27

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