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Carolina Routier: «Tokyo 2020 is still my goal»

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"I have to go slowly and not be in a hurry to compete again«. Without a specific date of return to the high competition.

We echo this interview that LaLiga4Sports has given to the triathlete Carolina Routier:

«Do not save anything for a special occasion, living is a special occasion«. This is how a publication in the Instagram account of Carolina Routier (Banyoles, 23 of April of 1990) the past 26 of June.

Two months before, the 23 of April - day of his 28º birthday - The Catalan triathlete was attacked by a car in a serious traffic accident that caused fractures in her left shoulder, ribs and cheekbone. Then began a long road of recovery that Carol has not traveled alone but in which her mental strength has been decisive: «I consider myself a positive person who values ​​every minute of life. After the accident I simply had to put it into practice and remember daily how lucky I had been to be alive and have so much support and good people around me«.

Assiduous to top 20 of the World and Olympic Series in Rio 2016, Routier celebrates life and tells, happy, his gradual return to training after having been intervened twice since the accident: «Very progressively I have started to do swimming and cycling sessions with my training group. Always with less volume and intensity, but today I already have a quite marked routine. In the race on foot I started very little and at the moment I follow a very conservative program.

The sensations improve every day, as well as the rhythms in the pool and on the bicycle; every time I have less pain and that makes me wake up motivated and wanting to move forward«.

La triathlete from Banyoles continues these days the advice of doctors and their coach, who insist that «I have to go slowly and not be in a hurry to compete again«. Without a specific date of return to the high competition, Carolina sentences: «I go from day to day and as I am and how I am evolving during these next months I will consider competing at the end of 2018 or wait for next season«.

On the horizon, yes, the Olympic event of Tokyo; Carol, who started swimming and has a strong point in this discipline, wants to repeat presence in some Olympics"Tokyo 2020 is still my goal because there are really two years left and many competitions ahead. I hope to return to a good level and take full advantage of any opportunity«.

Carolina takes care of us from Gold Coast (Australia), venue next week of the Grand Final of the World Series and in which our protagonist, this time, will not be able to take the exit. Yes, it will be your partner and double world champion, Mario Mola, that in Australia aspires to achieve his third world title and that this year he has won four of the seven races of World Series played and has been runner-up in two others: «MAryo arrives wanting to make a good career, aware that it depends on himself and that he is in a better situation than in previous years.

Gold Coast is a race that has been well given in the past, and will certainly do everything possible to close the year with good feelings«. Carolina Routier awaits a new triumph for Mario. She, whatever happens from here to the end of the season, will have won.

His return to the competition will be just one more step in a race that began almost five months ago and in which, with short steps and strides, Carolina continues to advance.

Photo: ITU Media / Janos Schmidt: 2017 ITU World Triathlon Stockholm

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