Luxury poster: CHALLENGE FUERTEVENTURA Víctor del Corral, Mikel Elgezabal and Ramón Ejeda confirm their presence

12 days after the celebration of the Challenge Fuerteventura, better known as “Playitas”, the presence of the triathlete Ramón Ejeda, a triathlete belonging to the Spanish Triathlon Team and who usually competes on Olympic distance, has just been confirmed, this time taking the leap to the middle distance and thus creating new uncertainties about the development of the Canarian Triathlon together with Victor del corral and Mikel Elgezabal.

This participation is his second foray into the medium distance triathlon. In 2008 he was 3rd in the double Olympic of Sanabria after triathletes consecrated in long tests such as Eneko Llanos and Mikel Elgezabal.

For Ramón Ejeda this step is the fruit of his own evolution in an already extensive career in sport. The choice of the Challenge Fuerteventura is motivated by being a name test in the calendar and with great references in the list of entries.

Another reason for this decision has been the knowledge of the routes after the concentration held at the beginning of 2012 in the company of Javier Gómez Noya.

The letters of Ramón Ejeda

In Ramón's own words, his current state of form allows him to be confident. The result of the weekend in Quarterira does not consider it representative of its level and was due to specific muscular problems derived from the low temperatures. In fact, the start of the season was showing a jump as reflected by his 6th place at Cape Town ITU (South Africa) and an excellent 31.00 in a 10.000m test.

Precisely, the foot race hopes that it will be one of its strengths on April 14. As a specialist in Olympic distance, the level of running on foot is an extra compared to triathletes with a more marked distance orientation. The characteristics of the demanding route of the last segment in Fuerteventura make you feel more confident in the face of the final outcome.

With this last minute addition, Challenge Fuerteventura increases its already high level even more. To the weight of the international quality participation a new asset is added for the Spanish triathlon. With Ramón Ejeda we will have an authentic trident made up of Víctor del Corral and Mikel Elgezabal. In 12 days the answer.

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