Caspe, home of the Cros Triathlon Championship

The Zaragoza town of Caspe will host the Spanish Cros Triathlon Championship, a test that combines swimming, cycling, BTT (mountain bike) and running and that will take place in the natural area of ​​Mas de la Punta, in the Sea of Aragon, on June 11 and 12.

The mayoress of Caspe, Teresa Francín, the general director of Sports of the Government of Aragon, Álvaro Burrel, the director of Competitions of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, Felipe Gutiérrez, the director of the Caspe Triathlon club, Ramón Repollés, and the triathlete Víctor del Corral, have presented this Tuesday at a press conference, in Zaragoza, the competition organized by the Caspolino club with the sponsorship of the Provincial Council of Zaragoza (DPZ), the Government of Aragon and the Bajo Aragón-Caspe Region.

Ramón Repollés recalled that it was the Aragonese Triathlon Federation and the region who "prompted us to develop this test, which is growing more and more", and that this year, in its third edition, the national competition will be held.

In this test, "we hope to have, like the 2010 competition in Extremadura, a capacity of 450 duathletes and triathletes", explained Repollés, detailing that the championship has been organized with a "fairly tight" budget of 42.000 euros, but that it will make it possible "for the test to come out with sufficient guarantees to give the necessary assistance to the athletes."

The national competition, which will take place on Sunday, June 12, will consist of a triangular circuit of a thousand meters of swimming, a 20-kilometre mountain bike tour -three laps around the circuit-, and will end with a six-kilometre run on foot, in this order and without interruption between them.

On Sunday, both in the male and female categories, elite athletes will compete and a competition will be organized by age groups for members of the federation.

On Saturday, June 11, athletes who are starting in the triathlon will be able to participate since "the distances will be shorter so that people do not have so much respect for the test" and are encouraged to participate, has pointed out the director of Caspe Triathlon.




Among the elite athletes who will attend the Spanish Cros Triathlon Championship in Caspe is Víctor del Corral, who this week has visited this municipality to see the Mas de la Punta area, "an ideal environment to practice sports", he has considered.

After completing the tour, the athlete has indicated that the established bicycle circuit "is technically correct and it is good for everyone to be able to execute it with guarantees."

However, "running was what I liked the most", he assured, noting that he travels through a "very clean terrain, laid out with small unevenness to mark the differences". "I thought it was a very good place" for this competition, she stated.

For his part, the Director of Competitions of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, Felipe Gutiérrez, has stated that "I am calm" with the organization of this test in Caspe and has estimated that it will be an "excellent" competition.

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