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How does Challenge Mallorca Peguera face the Covid-19 crisis?

The Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic has fully affected the world of sports.

The situation that the whole planet is suffering with the pandemic of Covid-19 coronavirus It has fully affected the world of sports.

The Olympic games have been postponed to 2021, the great cycling tours are in the air, the major football and basketball leagues are studying how to continue, but everything indicates that they will do it without an audience.

In the case of triathlon we have seen how tests are canceled or postponed in the international calendar, as is the case of the Triathlon World Series where the format to be played this year is being seen.

It is even being valued in contest the world championship to a single test as it was a few years ago.

Last Friday, the organization of the Challenge Mallorca Peguera, He sent us a statement explaining the measures he has taken to contribute his grain of sand and with his mind set on athletes.

Among the measures they have taken, we highlight

If the participants cannot attend the test, due to the confinement measures in their places of origin

  • The amount will be refunded (No need to have cancellation insurance)

If you have not managed to take the necessary training to face this competition, the organization gives 2 options:

  • Postponement to 2021
  • Cancel enrollment (No need to have cancellation insurance)

If the test is forced to be canceled, due to the covid-19

  • Return of registration
  • 20% discount by 2021

It was chosen as the best test of the franchise in 2019

In the vote among all the participants in Challenge Family events, the Peguera event received the award for the best competition in the franchise, in addition to the best foot race circuit.

This is the summary video of the 2019 edition.

You can see all the measures they are taking from the Challenge Mallorca Peguera this link  HERE

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