• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Cecilia Santamaría second in the European Cup of Huelva

The victory has been for Pauline Landron and Sara Pérez has finished seventh

Today the Triathlon European Cup has been held in Punta Umbría and Huelva together with the Ibero-American Championship with a lot of Spanish presence

The women's test, in Olympic distance, began at 9 in the morning with 2 laps of 750 meters on the beach of Punta Umbría, where an important cut was made with a group of 17 triathletes where the British Olivia Mathias started first followed by Lisa Norden and Margot Garabedian. In that same group were the Spanish Sara Pérez, Cecilia Santamaria and Iría Rodríguez.

In the first kilometers of the cycling sector a group of 13 units was formed with the Spanish Sara Pérez, Cecilia Santamaria trying to take advantage of the chasing group

The cycling sector was made up of two differentiated segments since the first was in line to the city of Huelva and the second in a circuit of 4 turns of 5 kilometers through the capital.

Finally the group of 11 units arrived where the Pauline Landron, was the first to get off the bike. The Spaniards were still in the group

In the 10 kilometers of running, the young triathlete Pauline Landron (1999) was gradually distancing himself to get the victory in a time of 2:06:09. In the fight for second place we saw an exciting fight between Cecilia Santamaria (2: 07: 10) and Emmie Charayron (2: 07: 19), where they went together until the last meters where the Spaniard managed to leave to be second.

Sara Pérez Sala was seventh and Xista Tous 14th, Iría Rodríguez 23rd and Ana Mariblanca 31st.

You can watch the race again in the following video:

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