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Cecilia Santamaría Top 10 in the Quarteira European Cup

Today, Saturday, March 25, a new edition of the Triathlon European Cup en Quarteira, Portugal, where the victory went to the French Cassandre Beaugrand with a time of 1: 56: 29.

The second classified was  Audrey Merle followed in third position by Jeanne Lehair

Top 10 female

This is the Top 10 ranking of the competition

Position Name and Surname Time Country
1 Cassandre Beaugrand 1:56:29 FRA
2 Audrey Merle 1:57:18 FRA
3 Jeanne Lehair 1:57:36 LUX
4 Mathilde Gautier 1:57:42 FRA
5 Yuko Takahashi 1:58:03 JPN
6 Melanie Santos 1:58:23 POR
7 Bianca Seregni 1:58:35 ITA
8 Kate Waugh 1:58:43 GBR
9 Luisa Iogna Prat 1:58:55 ITA
10 Cecilia Santamaria Surroca 1:59:15 ESP

As for the Spanish representation, Cecilia Santamaria was the best of the Triarmada entering the top 10, staying in tenth place with a time of 1 hour, 59 minutes and 15 seconds.

Cecilia came to this test after having achieved the fourth in the Melilla Cup last weekend.

María Casals, Natalia Castro, Lucía Acosta, Sofía Aguayo and Paula Del Pozo also participated in the race, but failed to make it to the top 10. Unfortunately, Elsa Pena Vicente was unable to complete the race.

This is the classification of the Spanish in the test

Position Name and Surname Time
10 Cecilia Santamaria Surroca 1:59:15
16 Maria Casals Mojica 2:01:31
21 Natalia Castro-Santos 2:02:36
23 Lucia Acosta Suarez 2:03:02
26 Sofia Aguayo Mauri 2:04:11
27 Paula Del Pozo Drunkard 2:04:46
DNF Elsa Pena Vincent N/A

In the men's category the victory went to the Norwegian  Vetle Bergsvik Thorn with a time of 01: 46: 36 followed by Fabian Meusen (01: 46: 38) and by the Portuguese  Joao Pereira (01:46:41) in third place.

Men's 10 Top

Position Name and Surname Time Country
1 Vetle Bergsvik Thorn 01:46:36 NOR
2 Fabian Meusen 01:46:38 SUI
3 Joao Pereira 01:46:41 POR
4 Yanis Seguín 01:46:43 FRA
5 Simon Westerman 01:46:44 SUI
6 Paul Georgenthum 01:46:50 FRA
7 Jonathan Brownlee 01:46:56 GBR
8 Miguel Tiago Silva 01:47:11 POR
9 Jan Diener 01:47:15 GER
10 Valentin Morlec 01:47:22 FRA

Jonathan Brownlee finished seventh with a time of 01:46:56, while Gustav Iden he finished 14th with a time of 01:47:35.

As for the Spanish, the best classified was Kevin Tarek , which finished in the 12th. ander noain He also had a good performance and finished in position number 16

Ángel Sánchez finished the race in position number 31, while Stephen Basanta it was 37th. David Cantero Del Campo and Andrés Prieto Villar failed to complete the race.

Position Name and Surname Time
12 Kevin Tarek Vinuela Gonzalez 01:47:33
16 Ander Noain Lacamara 01:47:48
31 Angel Sánchez Carreras 01:49:41
37 Esteban Basanta Fouz 01:50:23
DNF David Cantero Del Campo DNF
DNF Andres Prieto Villar DNF


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