The Decathlon Trail Running vest

Decathlon has launched a new unisex trail running vest, designed to improve performance in training and competitions.

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This vest stands out for being light and comfortable, offering long-distance runners an effective solution to maintain a constant pace and ensure adequate hydration during their races.

Staying hydrated and comfortable is essential for any trail runner. With this in mind, Decathlon presents its 5L unisex Trail running backpack, an essential accessory for transporting mandatory and safety equipment.

Weighing only 190 grams, this ergonomic vest becomes the perfect ally for those looking to optimize their performance both in quick training and in demanding competitions.

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Decathlon's Trail running vest has been designed with functionality and comfort in mind.

 Equipped with 10 pockets, it allows you to carry everything you need without compromising stability. Its snug fit and slim cut, along with five adjustment straps, ensure the vest stays in place even on the toughest terrain.

In addition, it is prepared to carry two 500 ml bottles each (not included), providing up to one liter of hydration.

Detailed Features

The Decathlon vest is made with high quality materials, selected to offer durability and comfort.

Its ergonomic design distributes weight evenly, reducing the burden on the shoulders and back. The 10 strategically placed pockets allow quick and easy access to all the necessary equipment, from energy gels to navigation devices.

Specific Model for Women

Decathlon has also thought about runners, offering a specific model for women with a capacity of 8L.

This vest adapts perfectly to the female body, freeing the chest from any pressure.

With a total of 11 pockets, this model is also designed to carry two 500 ml bottles each, thus ensuring adequate hydration in races of up to 60 km.

Availability and Prices

The Decathlon Trail running vest is available in physical stores and on Decathlon website.

Su price at €49,99 makes it an accessible option for all runners, both amateurs and professionals.

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