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Chalenge Madrid opens a solidarity space

They will give visibility to 3 stories to give visibility to various diseases

Because the struggle, the effort, the overcoming and the hope are common values ​​that from Challenge Madrid We share with our triathletes and with other people who also pursue a goal.

The objective of Challenge Madrid with this solidarity space is give visibility to three stories that deserve all the solidarity and all our recognition

Progeria Association Alexandra Peraut
Alba Pérez Foundation
Association Walking with Aitana

o. An exclusive space on our website with which Challenge Madrid wants to contribute to the Association Walking with Aitana, Alba Pérez Foundation and Progeria Association Alexandra Peraut to support the determination of these three families that will compete in Challenge Madrid to give more visibility to these diseases.

 "For Challenge Madrid is so great power of solidarity that, when we put it into practice, we become immensely strong and can safely assume the greatest challenges", Says Alfonso Rodríguez de Sadia, Race Director of Challenge Madrid.

"The important thing is to keep in mind that all the contributions that one can make will serve to improve the quality of life of these three girls They do not have everything.

Por eso we open this solidary space so that it can become a means to help those who need it most and also so that we feel part of a whole that is society", Add.

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