Eva Wutti and Sergio Marques break the clock at Challenge Barcelona

Eva Wutti and Sergio Marques have beaten retest cord


On the fifth anniversary of the already mythical test held in the coastal town of Maresme, CHALLENGE BARCELONA, the Austrian triathlete Eva Wutti (08:51:01) This afternoon he fulfilled the forecasts and snatched 7 minutes the previous mark held to this day by the triathlete Lucy Gossage, being Portuguese Sergio Marques 08:05:21 who gave the surprise and managed to lower in 10 minutes the best mark obtained by  Clemente Alonso in the 2011, who made a total time of 08: 15: 25



In the women's event, Eva Wutti, despite the fact that in the previous days she showed that she was not fully recovered from the exceptional mark achieved in Copenhagen, she achieved the victory “I did not see myself as the favorite that everyone told me and I thought that get But I did it! I dropped the best mark in 7 minutes, I am very happy. I have not competed for times, if not for sensations, I have gone out to give everything, I have done so and the result has been perfect! "


In the men's event, despite the fact that the Portuguese triathlete did not achieve a good partial in the swimming segment, he was able to climb positions by bike and regain the last places in the final section of the race on foot “I am very happy with the result, I I was looking third in the last kilometers and I wasn't sure if I could come back, but I struggled and finally succeeded. Happy with the mark achieved, a fairly fast circuit and the truth is that I think the weather has helped a lot to get this time "


One of the great favorites on the podium, the Englishman Tom Lowe took second place with a total time of 08:07:50 being the third classified in this fifth edition of CHALLENGE BARCELONA the German Konstantin Bachor (08:11:23)


As far as the Spanish Championship is concerned, the local triathlete Richard Calle took the victory where he also entered a creditable fifth position in this international event. “I saw that if I could have a chance to win this Championship and in the end it has been, what I did not expect was a fifth place in the general classification since in this CHALLENGE test there is always a high level. The organization has been unbeatable, this has been my second Long Distance triathlon and the result has been perfect, but the best of all is to achieve this title at home and with the great fans that exist throughout the course "


For her part, the Basque triathlete Gurutze Frades She fulfilled all prospects by making a spectacular career and was consecrated for the third consecutive year as the Spanish Long Distance Triathlon Champion, dropping her personal best in this Challenge event for almost half an hour.


One more year Calella has turned to welcome more than 1.300 triathletes from 36 countries that have opted for this event, being also for the second year in a row Spanish Long Distance Triathlon Championship


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