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Challenge Family announces a new test: Challenge Daytona

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CHALLENGE Family expands its global portfolio with the launch of CHALLENGE DAYTONA.

The Challenge Franchise, Case Imagine and Daytona International Speedway today announced the launch of Challenge Daytona. The professional triathlon of middle distance international, as well as the festival that accompanies it, will take place in the iconic Daytona International Speedway circuit day 8 and 9 of December of 2018.

The press conference, which was attended by Triathlon News as the only Spanish media, was led by the CEO of the Challenge Franchise, Zibi Szlufcik, who announced that this mid-distance media triathlon would take place in the "World Center" of Racing ".

"Our desire has always been simple: create high quality, fair and fun triathlon world series that offer an exceptional experience to all the people who participate. Our decision to launch Challenge Daytona responds to the requests of professional athletes and veterans who wanted us to include in our portfolio an event of the Challenge Franchise in the United States."Commented Zibi Szlufcik.

"Due to the widely documented history surrounding the Challenge Franchise in North America, the only thing we could do was to come back with a breakthrough career concept, something that has never been seen before. The Daytona International Speedway circuit offers us an unprecedented opportunity to pursue a medium-distance race in the United States. This, together with the interesting events that will take place during this weekend, assures us that we will be the target of all the triathletes and spectators, thus positioning the Challenge Franchise as a real world lifestyle brand.".

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The Daytona International Speedway will be the epicenter of all activities: both the race and the other events, including:

  • Pit-stop challenge
  • Short-distance triathlon
  • Corporate race
  • 5k run / walk
  • Relay triathlon


El Lake Lloyd, located within the enclosure, will provide an unprecedented experience for the viewers. The athletes will complete the swim part in the lake. He cyclist segment, will start at approximately the 3.56 mile of the circuit, from where the triathletes will be directed towards the outside of the enclosure to complete the 90 km of cycling where they will return to the circuit to make the transition.

Once there, the athletes face the 21 km of foot race inside the enclosure, where you have been keeping the viewers in mind. The atmosphere will encourage athletes to conserve enough energy to complete the four vuletas of this spectacular travel before reaching the red carpet and crossing the famed finish line.


Carlos Eduardo Arruda, CEO of Case Imagine, commented at the press conference: "Our vision of the race is not based solely on creating a world-class triathlon event for triathletes, but on creating a festival in the strict sense of the word. After the race, our team will delight participants and spectators with a "Family Challenge" style festival with a Pasta Festival and awards ceremony".

Challenge Daytona, for many, will be the last race of the season and a qualifying race for The Championship, which has an incredible prize of 150.000 euros.

"We look forward to hosting the Challenge Daytona and adding a new event to our already tight schedule, "said Daytona International Speedway President Chip Wile. "Daytona International Speedway will fill the athletes who will compete in these iconic motor sports facilities with energy".

Registration to participate in the Daytona Challenge opens the December 14. For more information visit:


The FRANQUICIA CHALLENGE is the world's fastest growing triathlon series. With 37 long and medium distance competitions in 27 countries, the CHALLENGE FRANCHISE is changing the look of triathlon around the world. Due to its spectacular routes in iconic destinations, no race of the CHALLENGE FRANCHISE is similar to the others. With the aim of offering a unique career athletes of all ages and skills, the CHALLENGE FRANCHISE offers memorable experiences that will capture all the excitement and emotions that are experienced in this sport so motivating.

About the Daytona International Speedway

Daytona International Speedway is the only stadium dedicated to motor sports in the world and was awarded by the Sports Business Journal with the Sports Facility of the Year award at 2016. Daytona International SpeedWay is the home of "The Great American Race" - DAYTONA 500. Although the opening event of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series season will capture most of the attention - given that it is one of the motor shows with the largest audience - the sports complex of approximately 500 acres, also known as "World Career Center", it hosts all kinds of racing events worldwide. In addition to the nine weekends (at least) at which events are held, the Speedway tracks are also often used for shows such as concerts, meetings, car shows, photo shoots, vehicle tests and police training.

For more information, visit:

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