Challenge Lisboa celebrates its 15th anniversary in May

70 days to go

Challenge Lisbon celebrates this year 2020 its 15th anniversary on May 23, with a privileged location, Parque das Nações, since it is only 3 kilometers from Lisbon airport and 30 minutes from the city center.

Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, even more in spring. With a average temperature of 26º the day of the competition It makes an ideal combination to unite, sport and tourism.

One of the most emblematic tests of the Challenge franchise in Europe.

As usual in Challenge Family competitions, there will be a testing festival designed for the enjoyment of the whole family with 5 different competitions.

The central test of the event will be middle distance, but in addition to this, a career for companies, a triathlon Olympic Plus, sprint, relay competition in Olympic distance and the novelty of this year a test designed for parents and children to compete together, The Parents & Kids Aquathlon

Ideal for family competition

The competition called ,.  The Parents & Kids Aquathlon, it is an ideal to participate in family,

The organization has designed this Aquathlon so that parents and children can compete and enjoy of the good that sport offers.

The test consists of 200 meters of swimming and 1 kilometer of running on foot, where team members can run together to cross the finish line together.

The Aquathlon will be held on Friday, the day before mid-distance

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Festival Challenge

These are the tests in which you can compete in Challenge Lisboa

  • Half Challenge Lisbon (1,9-90-21)
  • Corporate Cup (1,9-90-21)
  • Olympic Plus (1,5-45-10,5)
  • Olympic Relay (1,5-40-10)
  • Sprint (750-20-5)
  • Parents and Kids Aquatlon (200-1.000)

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