Challenge Lisboa will have Sprint distance

Registration at this distance opens registration on February 1

El Challenge Lisbon, this year celebrates 15 years of history, becoming one of the most international events on the calendar and an iconic race in Portugal.

Under the banner of Challenge Family it is usual to live a Festival of competitions during the weekend of the test and in Lisbon they will be held in total 6 different competitions

Apart from the middle distance queen test one will be disputed career for relay companies, a tolympic riathlonor, Olympic distance relay a test designed for parents and children they compete together and the last to join a Sprint triathlon.

The tests in Challenge Lisboa

These are the tests in which you can compete in Challenge Lisboa

  • Half Challenge Lisbon (1,9-90-21)
  • Corporate Cup (1,9-90-21)
  • Olympic Plus (1,5-45-10,5)
  • Olympic Relay (1,5-40-10)
  • Parents and Kids Aquatlon (200-1.000)
  • Sprint (750-20-5)

The registration process for the Sprint opens on February 1

This next February 1, registrations for the sprint distance test are opened, although they are already open for the rest of the distances.

The test just 3 kilometers from the Lisbon airport

The ALisbon airport It is only 3 km from the place of the competition zone, the Parque das Nacoes.

In this area are the official hotels, the main shopping centers, shops, restaurants are in the most modern and new part of the city, connected by metro and train to the center of Lisbon.

The circuits

The circuits that this test has make it ideal for making good marks or debuting, and has an artificial lake where swimming will take place, making it the perfect place for any spectator to follow the athletes.

The cycling segment is 100% cut to traffic and the race on foot is totally, which could be said to be one of the ideal medium distance tests to improve brands or debut

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