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Challenge Madrid 2019, the change of route a success to 99 days of its celebration.

The test continues at a good pace with the full MD test and more than the 50% in the Full test

This year Challenge Madrid has brought many new features such as the Date change of route and the inclusion of medium distance test, (proof that it closed registrations only 72 hours after announcing it) These facts have made hundreds of athletes have chosen this proof of the Franchise for finish the triathlon season in the best way, finishing at the goal located in the Puerta de Sol of Madrid.

This 2019 test will be played on September 22 with output in San Martín de Valdeiglesias (Western Sierra of the Community of Madrid), the town that for the second consecutive year will have the blue flag on the beach where the swimming sector will be played. It is the first indoor beach with blue flag of the Community of Madrid.


The long distance test, is advancing at a good rate of inscriptions and we want to review the courses through which it will pass.

The circuits of the Full test

On the Beach of the New Virgin (also known as "the beach of Madrid"), it will be the starting point for the 3,8 km of swimming two laps

El Cycling segment of 180 Km It will be developed in the Sierra Oeste, where the mountainous terrain predominates, giving way to other lower areas through which the Alberche and Perales rivers run. The variety of landscapes, as well as the relief and the vegetal species that can be observed, are very valuable since this region runs between the 500 and 1500 meters of altitude.

The first part of the bicycle circuit runs between the last foothills of the Sierra del Guadarrama and the first elevations of the Sierra de Gredos, in the extreme southwest of the region. The predominant vegetation in this region are the coniferous forests, whose most outstanding species is the stone pine. On its slopes also grow oaks, cork oaks, junipers, melojos and chestnuts, forming a typical landscape of the Mediterranean forest.

The second part will go to Madrid passing through different towns until arriving at the capital making entrance through the Casa de Campo where the T2 will be located, a place of transition from where the Marathon test will start.

After leaving the bicycle in the Casa de Campo, will travel 10 Km to go to the area of ​​the river, crossing the King's Bridge and going up to the center of the city through the Cuesta de la Vega and that is where you will have to do the rest of the race on foot.

The route in the center will be of 4 turns which runs mainly through the Calle Mayor, the Almudena Cathedral, the Royal Palace, the Plaza de España, Paseo de Camoens and the Templo de Debod.

In its final, on the last lap, the race on foot will enter the Puerta del Sol for its arrival at "Km 0", where the Meta will be located.

In the following map you can check the complete circuit.

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