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Challenge Mallorca Peguera, something more than a competition

If you are looking for a test to finish the triathlon season in style, we recommend that you take into account various factors.

Not only must sports competition be taken into account in detail, but it is also necessary to look at other related aspects that complete it, such as: price, activities parallel, leisure options, entertainment, tourism in the area, attractions, services, etc.

If you do this research you will be able to choose the best event that suits what you are looking for and end your triathlon season participating in an experience that combines sport, fun for the whole family and vacations.

A great option is Challenge Peguera Mallorca, since it brings together almost all the features that we have mentioned.

In this article we want to make a compilation of interesting points that you can take into account.

“Race of the Year” in the Challenge Family Franchise

An athlete reaching the finish line
An athlete reaching the finish line

Challenge Peguera Mallorca was chosen in 2019 as the BEST CHALLENGE FAMILY CHALLENGE IN THE WORLD, the event is placed in overall assessment with 4,8 out of 5, achieving an excellent test rating. In addition, in 2021 the test won the award for the more “HOSPITAL” proof of the franchise.

In 2022 the 8th edition of the event, which will serve to put the closure to the triathlon season in Europe.

The Calvian area

Everyone knows what the Island of Mallorca has to offer, but the area of ​​Peguera (Calvia) in particular offers great attractions for the athlete and their companions.

Peguera is an idyllic place that is part of the municipality of Calvià (Mallorca), in the vicinity of the Serra de Tramuntana, recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

A privileged location next to a great hotel infrastructure, an excellent complementary offer and some world-class sports facilities make Peguera the perfect destination not only to spend the holidays, but also to enjoy sports at any time of the year.

Peguera is known for its spectacular beaches of fine white sand and transparent waters.

Near the town of Peguera, there are few places that evoke the essence of Mediterranean Mallorca as intensely as the area of Cala Fornells.

Cycling segment of the Challenge Peguera
Cycling segment of the Challenge Peguera

In Peguera, you can enjoy bathing in wonderful beaches, explore the trails that run through the impressive Serra de Tramuntana, discover the 14 villages of Calvià by bicycle, or enjoy a wide range of leisure activities, services and attractions.

 Challenge Festival

As is customary in franchise events, in addition to a top-level sporting event, the project is built around a large number of activities that serve so that triathletes and companions of any age, can be participants and protagonists.

Among other activities, Challenge Peguera Mallorca incorporates children's activities (races, playgrounds, music...) relay competitions, aquathlon, Challenge Women, itinerant pasta party, concerts and Dimonis, many dimonis.


Gastronomy in Calvia area
Gastronomy in Calvia area

In this area you can enjoy the wide and spectacular gastronomic variety that Majorcan cuisine offers. In addition, the area also has restaurants with national and international cuisine. A very complete offer for all kinds of pockets and palates.

If you decide on the Mallorcan cuisine, you should not forget to try any of the following dishes: Arrós Brut, Frit de Matançes, Llom amb col, Coca de Trampó, Pa amb oli, Sobrasada or Ensaimadas

 Dimonis (Nit de Foc and closure)

Challenge Peguera Mallorca aims to show the world an international triathlon competition from the perspective of Mallorca. The event serves to highlight the culture of the place, the special characteristics of the environment, etc.

And one of the most spectacular and symbolic cultural and festive manifestations of Mallorca is the one made by the DIMONIS, present in all the festivals of the islands.

Image of the Demons
Image of the Demons

The event incorporates a opening with the performance of a parade by DImonis, where fire and music are present in the ceremony. They will also be present at the awards ceremony, at the closing ceremony, encouraging and congratulating all the people who have been part of the event.

As you can see, Challenge Peguera Mallorca brings together everything you need to be able to end your triathlon season in an ideal place and combine it with a vacation with the people you love most.

More information and registration

Learn more https://challenge-mallorca.com/

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