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Challenge Peguera starts engines

The test takes 4 years closing registrations ahead of time

On October 17 a new edition of Peguera Challenge (Mallorca) one of the most important tests of Challenge Family

Peguera in 2019, was chosen as the best test of the Challenge franchise, in addition to having the best walking circuit in the world.


Swimming segment

The swimming circuit takes place entirely in the beautiful, central and busy Torà beach.

Participants will swim 1,9 km through Peguera Bay and return to the Torà arena to access the transition zone (T1, T2), approximately 140 m from the water outlet.

Cyclist segment

The cycling circuit is authentic from Mallorca. A technical and demanding tour, which runs through some of the most beautiful landscapes of Calvià and Mallorca. It combines traditional villages, landscapes of the Serra de Tramuntana and coastal areas.

At times, the circuit is very fast, being able to reach 70 km an hour in some of its sections. Although it does not have important climbs, it is a demanding and fun layout, it does not allow distractions. Great part of the circuit Alternate ups and downs.

Race segment on foot

The walking race segment of Challenge Peguera-Mallorca runs entirely through the Peguera nerve center.

Is a entertaining circuit that runs through the center of the urban nucleus and with public and animation throughout the test. A total of 4 laps between the crowded Peguera boulevard and the promenades that link its beaches with 4 steps along the finish line. An ideal route to feel the heat of the public in the last meters of hard effort.

The best test of the Challenge franchise in 2019

Challenge Peguera starts engines

Challenge Peguera Mallorca was tested that got better voting results where aspects such as the magnificent location, the varied, surprising and challenging circuits, as well as the organization were evaluated.

In addition, he also won the award for the best segment of the foot race

40% of registered

Challenge Paguera, as in recent years is on its way to hanging the Sold Out Poster ahead of time, and is currently at 40% occupancy for this edition

The organization is committed to the environment and inclusion

One of the most important novelties this year is that the organization will work on two new lines of action:

  • Reduce the impact of the test, with a series of environmental measures
  • Integration in the test with disabilities

Throughout the year, measures will be implemented to care for the environment and integrate associations and clubs of people with disabilities

Challenge Festival with 6 tests

As usual in Challenge Family tests, you can experience a Festival of activities parallel during the weekend

These are the activities that can be carried out

  • Zumba Master Class 15/10/2020
  • JUnior Challenge Mallorca Run (200 to 1.000 m) 16/10/2020
  • Challenge Mallorca Women (4,3 km) 16/10/2020
  • Challenge Mallorca (Medium Distance) 17/10/2020
  • Challenge Mallorca (Media Distancia) by relay 17/10/2020
  • Junior Aquathlon Challenge Mallorca (swimming 50-500, run 250-2.000) 18/10/2020

Peguera, an ideal destination for tourism and sports

This Mallorcan town, belonging to the term of Calviá, has more than 300 days of sunshine a year which has 3 great beaches and a great hotel offer, which make it ideal for combining sport and tourism on the island.

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