Challenge Peguera Mallorca wins 3 nominations at the Challenge Family Awards 2023

In addition, Challenge Barcelona has won the award for the best new race  

In a night full of recognition and celebrations, Spain has shone with its own light in the Family Challenge 2023 Awards, carried out in the city of Barcelona.  

This event recognizes the excellence and dedication of the race directors and teams behind the most outstanding competitions worldwide. 

Jort Vlam, CEO of Challenge Family, expressed his enthusiasm during the annual meeting of race directors: “It is a unique opportunity to connect with colleagues from around the world, share goals and visions, and, above all, to celebrate those who make our sport possible.".  

This year, the awards have been decided by thousands of athletes, reflecting the spirit of 'All About the Athlete' which Challenge Family promotes. 

Spain triumphs in the gala

Among the winners, the Spanish competitions stand out: Challenge Peguera-Mallorca y Challenge Barcelona.  

Challenge Peguera-Mallorca It not only took home the award for Best Race Venue, but also for Best Running Race and Best Post-Race Meal, demonstrating its exceptional ability to offer a complete experience to athletes. 

On the other hand, Challenge Barcelona was recognized as the Best New Race, a significant achievement that highlights the growing importance of Spain on the international triathlon circuit. 

This year St Pölten, Austria, has been awarded Race of the Year. Each category, whether for the best experience in swimming, cycling, running, or partying at the finish line, reflects a unique and vital aspect of the triathlon spirit. 

Winners Table: 

Category  Winner  Location 
Race of the Year  Challenge St Polten  Austria 
Best Race Venue  Challenge Peguera-Mallorca  Spain 
Best New Career  Challenge Barcelona  Spain 
Best Swimming  The Championship  Slovakia 
Best Cycling  DATEV Challenge Roth  Germany 
Best Foot Race  Challenge Peguera-Mallorca  Spain 
Best Party in Meta  DATEV Challenge Roth  Germany 
Best Fans  Challenge Almere-Amsterdam  Netherlands 
Best Pasta Party  The Championship  Slovakia 
Best Post-Race Meal  Challenge Peguera-Mallorca  Spain 
Best Video Content  Challenge Samarkand  Uzbekistan 
More Eco-Friendly  Challenge St Polten  Austria 
More Familiar  Challenge Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee  Austria 

These awards not only celebrate the competitions, but also the people who work tirelessly to make triathlon an increasingly exciting and accessible sport.  

The Challenge Family, with its focus on quality and athlete experience, continues to be a beacon of excellence in the world of triathlon. 

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