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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Challenge lands in another European capital, Rome


The franchise has just announced that it will organize an approval in 753 format on the next July 23 


The city of Roma is the new European capital where Challenge Family will organize a triathlon in 2017, this time it will be in the 753 format (1.753 m swimming, 75,310 km cycling, 17,530 running)

The end of the week of the 22 and 23 of July the city of Rome will host a special event, Challenge Rome, where you will swim in Lake Laghetto, traveling 75 km of cycling until you reach the city of Ostia, to return to the center of the city and finish running 17 km in that beautiful city.

It is the first time that Challenge organizes an event of this kind, where there will also be a sprint triathlon

Logo Challenge Rome

These are the European capitals where a Challenge test is held

  • Lisbon  (7 / 03 / 2017)
  • Roma (23 / 03 / 2017)
  • Amsterdam (9 / 09 / 2017)
  • Madrid (24 / 09 / 2047)

More information: http://challenge-roma.com/en/

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