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Challenge Salou, an MD with 19.000 € in prizes

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On May 27 a new edition of the Challenge Salou will be held, one of the tests with the highest national and international level on the Spanish calendar.

On May 27 a new edition of Challenge Salou, where registrations were opened last November. In 2018, you plan a participation of 2.000 athletes between all your tests.

The queen test will be the medium distance triathlon (1.900 meters swimming - 90 km by bike - 21,097 km running) where you will also be accompanied by a Solidarity race of 5 km and a children's race in addition to new events to be unveiled in the coming days.

On the other hand, Challenge Salou will be the last world classifier for "The Championship, the World Championship of the Challenge Family franchise, which will be held for another year in Samorin, Slovakia and which will bring together the best athletes from Challenge Family, Ironman and the World Triathlon Series with a prize pool of more than € 150.000. This week we announce the launch of the Challenge "Loyalty Slots", whereby if you compete in three qualifying tests, you can choose one of the 300 places to participate in the test.


The Challenge Salou is held under Half distance, 1900m swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, 90km of cycling divided into 4 laps on a very fast circuit, completely flat to finish the half marathon, 21,1km of running.

Anti-water measures

The organization of the Challenge Salou works to control that there is no drafting in the cycling segment and for this it puts various means:

  • Outputs separated by batches of 100 to 150 participants
  • Judges on a motorcycle
  • Judges at fixed points
  • Fixed and mobile camera system for de-qualifications after further analysis


Participation by relay can be in men's, women's or mixed teams of 2 or 3 components. Each team will have a hat, a chip and a bib. The witness surrenders giving the number and the chip to the partner. From the start of the competition until crossing the finish line, the chip must be carried by the member of the team that is competing; always at the ankle, so the relay is passed delivering the chip to the partner.

Photo Emilio Aguayo: Marcos Cabrera


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