The countdown begins for the expected 1ª edition of Challenge Vitoria

The next 28 of Julio Vitoria will host one of the great events of the National Long Distance calendar: CHALLENGE VITORIA. This event will have a spectacular circuit surrounded by nature and a grand finale located in one of the most emblematic points of the capital of Alava, the Plaza de España de Vitoria-Gasteiz, which will be the hallmarks of this first edition.



The participating triathletes will have to complete a circuit designed by Eneko Llanos, local triathlete and one of the most important of the long distance at international level, which will consist of 3.8 km to swim that will be performed on the lake Ullibarri-Gamboa, in the heart of the Provincial Park of Landa, to then pass to the cycling segment that will have a route of 180 km that will run through the Alava, bordering the spectacular lake and crossing small towns, to put the finishing touch with 42 km of running race through the historical center of Vitoria-Gasteiz, where the triathlete will be able to enjoy throughout its journey the beautiful pedestrian walks animated by its citizens that will vibrate the participants until they reach the Plaza de España, one of the magical places of the city Alavesa.


CHALLENGE is presented in this way as a test that goes beyond the competition itself, CHALLENGE is a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE, It offers all participants the opportunity to meet their challenges, always guaranteed by a luxury organization delivered 100% to the participating triathlete.


According to statements made to the press by Raúl Amatriain, Champion of Spain of Triathlon of LD 2011, "Compete in Euskadi is something special, the atmosphere experienced last year in Vitoria during the World Championship was something difficult to match, a whole city overturned with Triathlon. I have very good memories of 2012 and this year I have not hesitated to repeat experience"


Another of the reference triathletes that will be part of this international event will be Gurutze Frades , current Champion of Spain of this modality, that "hooked" also to "CHALLENGE" in the 2012 “The first race in which I participated with such a level was at HALF CHALLENGE Barcelona, ​​here I got my place for the 2012 LD World Cup and I have very good memories, both for my result and for the organization that shows to have a great experience caring for all the details, the control and design of circuits as well as the attention to the athletes ”. “Having participated in 2011 and 2012 and training here regularly with my partner and my coach make me know the city very well. Racing in Vitoria is special for me. "


In an inclusive sport, such as triathlon, Challenge Vitoria has also wanted to bet on this first edition with the modality of Paratriathlon. A recently recognized modality that will be present at the 2016 in the Paralympic Games. One of the most beloved and admired triathletes of this modality, Diego Velazquez, He has also opted for this great date.


Diego is a clear example of personal improvement, which transmits perfectly the values ​​of CHALLENGE. After competing in several Ironman since he was diagnosed multiple sclerosis more than fifteen years ago, the past 2012 achieved the title of LD World Champion TRI3., precisely in Vitoria-Gasteiz and this 2013 Diego returns to bet on the city. Diego is a really admirable sportsman who has known how to fight in an epic way, demonstrating that for him there are no barriers. "If you want you can! And if you like triathlon, Challenge Vitoria is a test that you cannot miss, not only because of its spectacular landscapes but also because of the atmosphere that exists in the capital of Alava "


CHALLENGE VITORIA, combines all the necessary ingredients so that it is a real success, we are sure that it will leave us images and sensations difficult to forget.

In addition this test will be represented by triathletes of more than 20 different nationalities that will compete in both Elite and Age Groups, attracted by this first edition that is planned as an unforgettable weekend for anyone who comes to compete or enjoy the show that offers a test of this caliber.

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