Chelsea Sodaro IRONMAN 2022 World Champion

This morning a new edition of the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona with the best triathletes in the specialty.

The first to come out of the water was Lucy Charles with 40 seconds of advantage over Lauren Brandon and 44 over Rebecca Clarke and Fenella Landrige.

With almost 7 minutes left Daniela Ryf, Laura Phillip and Anne Haug. Guru was out 14 minutes apart at this point.

In the cycling segment, Fenella Langridge climbed up positions to catch up with Charles and stay at the head of the race.

But in the last part of the segment, Daniela Ryf was coming back to catch up with the duet with 10 kilometers to go to go solo and reach T2 with a 17-second lead.

Several athletes suffered warnings for Drafting having to stop 5 minutes in the penalty Box, which marked the race. This was the case with Philipp, Norden, Crowley, McCauley and Clarke.

In T2 Chelsea Sodaro and Sara Svensk arrived 3 minutes behind while Anne Haug arrived with 5:30.

At this point Guru managed to climb positions arriving in position 30

In the running race Chelsea Sodaro He reached the lead at kilometer 12 of the marathon to go solo and achieve victory with a time of 8:33:56.

Sodaro completed the 42,2 km in a time of 2:51:45.

The second classified has been Lucy Charles (8:41:37) and third Anne Haug (8:42:22)

The Spanish Gurutze Frades He finished the test in 15th position with the 3rd fastest time in the marathon (3:00:31 y) repeating the same position as his last participation.

The times of Chelsea Sodaro

  • Swimming: 54:48, 1:26 min/100m pace
  • T1: 2: 37
  • Cycling: 4:42:08, 38.28 km/h pace
  • T2: 2: 31
  • Race on foot: 2:51:45, pace 04:04 min / km
  • finish time: 08: 33: 46

Top 10 female

Job title Athlete Average Pace
1 Chelsea Sodaro 8:33:46
2 Lucy Charles-Barclay 8:41:37
3 Anne Haug 8:42:22
4 Laura Philipp 8:50:31
5 Lisa Norden 8:54:43
6 Fenella Langridge 8:56:26
7 Sarah Crowley 9:01:58
8 Daniela Ryf 9:02:26
9 Skye Moench 9:04:31
10 Laura Siddall 9:07:49

On Saturday the 8th it will be the turn of the men's competition.

There are no previous results.

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