After his victory in the Gobi desert, Chema Martínez prepares his debut at ISOSTAR EXTREME MAN RIAZA

Chema Martínez will debut in triathlon at Extreme Man Riaza



For some time now we have revealed to our readers that Chema Martínez I would debut in Triathlon this year, well Chema tells us: "For those who think there are no limits and dare everything, the July 27 have the opportunity, like me, to live a triple experience. If the running is already hard, what can happen if you add 1,9 km of swimming and 90 km of bike? Riaza will be unforgettable".


He will look forward to a test that, at 1 hour in Madrid, combines an enviable natural environment with a demanding sporting challenge. "I'll give my best. Regardless of the final result, I face a new challenge, a new experience. "


Short or half?

The Segovian town of Riaza is opening this season as the site of one of the tests of Isostar Extreme Man. The great reception by lovers of triathlon has led to exceed all expectations. Currently, the last places are available for the half distance (1,9 km swimming / 90 km cycling / 21 km race on foot).


In addition, for those who want to face the challenge in a different way, they can also do it in a short without drafting (950 m swimming / 42 km cycling / 6,7 km race on foot) to be played in the 26 in July.

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