• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Chema Martínez, will be the last one in the marathon of Madrid

For each corridor that goes forward, Polar will donate 0,50 € to the project "Positive Egoism"

Chema Martínez, will be the last to take the exit to advance corridors, in order to raise funds for the project "Positive egoism"

The athlete from Madrid will start a few minutes later than the last runner and from that moment on, begin his great challenge. For each marathoner that Chema advances to cross the finish line, the mark Polar will donate 0,50 euros to the "Positive Egoism" project, which promotes the integration of disabled people in the world of sports.

The marathon of Madrid, will have more than 33.000 runners where the 30% are women.

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