Chema Martínez came out last in the Madrid marathon and overtook 7.063 runners

He entered the 1.027 goal and made 2h 41: 56.

The winner of the 2008 test had proposed this challenge as part of a solidary challenge. He entered the 1.027 goal and made 2h 41: 56.

According to the newspaper As, Chema Martínez the last of all the EDP ​​Rock'n'Roll Madrid Marathon, from the eighth box and devoted himself to advancing runners with a charitable cause. 50 cents for each one that will advance.

"They all left, the broom car ... and I after five minutes. I would lose about 45-50 minutes ”, told Chema that since he stepped on the mat at the finish line he did 2h 41:56. He overtook 7063 runners and came in 1027th: “It was a wonderful obstacle course, because I had to go past runners, zigzagging, dodging the funnels that are formed at the aid stations. That you had to stop and start. An incredible experience".

Chema won the Madrid Marathon in 2008: "Look now I started the last one. I already know what it feels like to go to the queue and head. I was two minutes until I got hooked. " "I don't know if the year I won can be compared to what my fellow riders encouraged me this time. This is brutal. Feeling competitive, at this age (47 years) ..."

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