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China gives hope to the world of running

The Chengdu Panda Marathon gives hope to the rest of the world

The global pandemic of Covid-19 coronavirus it is hitting hard all over the world, millions of people confined to their homes, hundreds of competitions postponed or suspended by the virus, A difficult panorama for the world of sports.

Last Sunday, the Chinese city of Dujiangyan held its first race with the Chengdu Panda Marathon, giving hope to millions of people where you can get out of this situation and what better example than to organize a popular race.

6 kilometers and 1.000 participants

This test is normally a marathon with 20.000 runners, but it has been adapted to a 6-kilometer race with 1.000 participants.

The video that gives hope

Security measures

In the video you can see the strict security measures that were carried out in the test. Temperature controls, disinfection points and outputs per batch were some of the measures taken by the organization.

China was the first country to suffer from the virus, and after suffering isolation, thousands of infected and deaths, it is seeing the light and beginning to lift the confinements to its citizens. An example of what will surely reach the rest of the world in a few weeks.

It has been the first stone on the road, you have to be strong, continue with preventive measures and everything will come. Cheer up!!

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