Chris Nikic makes history at IRONMAN Hawaii

He is the first triathlete with Down syndrome to finish the IRONMAN in Hawaii.

The American Chris nikic made history today in Kona by becoming the first triathlete with Down syndrome to finish the IRONMAN of Hawaii.

Chris He already made history at the IRONMAN in Florida becoming the first triathlete with Down Syndrome to complete an IRONMAN and now he has done it again inspiring everyone.

IRONMAN after his feat in Florida, invited him to this event that he has been preparing for many months.

even had to design your bike rack, since the geometry you need is not offered by conventional brands.

In this publication you can see him riding a bike in the race


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with his motto 1% Better He has managed to carve out a niche for himself in the hearts of all triathletes and is an example of self-improvement for thousands of people.

Today he crossed the finish line with a time of 16:31:27.

This is the moment of your arrival at the finish line.

Chris Nikic's times at IRONMAN Kona

These have been his times in the race

  • Swimming 3.800 meters: 1:42:41, average of 2:40 min 100m
  • T1: 8: 16
  • Cycling 180 km: 8:05:37, average 22,24 km / h
  • T2: 5: 55
  • Race on foot 42,2 km: 6:29:01, average 09:13 min/km

Nick is sure to continue to make history in this sport and inspire many others to follow the Better 1%.

Congratulations Chris!

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