Professional cyclist Tom Pidcock runs a 5K at 2:41

"I think this is going really fast (laughs), I think I'll try again in a few days to validate this"

The cyclist of the professional team of the INEOS team Tom pidock has shown everyone his great form by running a 5.000 in a training at a 2 mean: 41 min / km

Tom has published on his social networks the training what has he done where he has done 13.23 time to complete 5.000 meters.

"This morning I went out to try to break the 15 min in a 5k and did 13.25. Apparently this is really fast (laughs), I think I'll try again in a few days to validate this.

Maybe running is the sport for me"

How did you do with Mario Mola?

To give us an idea, Mario Mola one of the best trialton riders in the hsitroa in Sprint distance has managed to get below 14 minutes a few times in competition.

His best brands have been in Hamburg 2015 (13: 55),  Mooloodaba 2014 (13: 55) and Hamburg 2018 (13:59) to which we should add the Abu Dhabi (2019) with 14:00.

Last year, Mario competed in the Championship of Spain in track of 5.000 meters where he was ninth with a time of 14: 0137

And with Alex Yee?

To compare you with another of the best triathletes in running, Alex Yee, completed a 5K in a time of 13:26 but not in a triathlon, but in a test of the Diamond League english

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