• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Published the circuit of the European Triathlon Championship Valencia 2021

Three months to go Triathlon European Championship 2021, which will take place in Valencia on the 2nd6 and September 27, based on the popular and well-known Valencia Triathlon, which has also hosted different national and international competitions in recent years.

The organization has made the tours public and that they will repeat the success formula of the Triathlon in the Valencian capital:

  • Swimming in the Marina Valencia dock
  • Cycling in an authentic F1 circuit and expanding to the urban layout around the port for Age Groups
  • Race on foot also for the impeccable layout of the F1 circuit and the promenade areas around an emblematic and unique building such as the Veles E Vent, which presides over the area.

The spectacular elite test

The elite female and male competition in the Valencia 2021 European Championship will focus on the spectacular car track, converted into an ideal setting for Triathlon.

Both the cycling segment and the running segment will be carried out on the circuit, with laps to complete 38 kilometers of bicycle and 10 kilometers of running. The first 1.500 meters of competition will be swam inside the dock.

The age groups a different circuit

The continental championship for Age Groups in Olympic distance you will share the stage of swimming, part of cycling and also of running with the elite routes, but they will be wider and with fewer laps, allowing the triathletes to also enter other natural or outstanding areas of the Valencia area that surrounds the port.

The same will happen with the European Sprint distance Triathlon and Paratriathlon championships, in which the distances will be 750 m. of swimming, 20 kilometers of cycling and 5 kilometers of running.

The circuit

Subsidized registration to federated

The Organizing Committee of the Valencia 2021 European Triathlon Championship, made up of the Valencia City Council, the Valencia Provincial Council, the Community of L'Esport, the Valencian Government, the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, the Higher Sports Council, the Spanish Triathlon Federation and the Triathlon Federation of the Valencian Community, subsidizes the 40% of the registration to athletes with a FETRI license.

Open enrollment

The registration also presents until July 31 an interesting offer to participate in the two European Championships for Age Groups, Sprint distance and Olympic distance, for 165 euros, with an interesting discount on the real price of separate registrations.

All information in www.valenciatriatlon.com

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