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The Winter Triathlon Circuit will return this 2013

The Winter Triathlon Circuit resurfaces this season. Much time has passed since the decade of the 90, known at that time as a white triathlon, had a circuit of competitions that passed cities such as Jaca, Reinosa, Viella, Ansó or Granada. They had to spend more than 15 years so that the number of competitions of this triathlon modality would be enough to organize a circuit again.

After all these years of inactivity, the Winter Triathlon Circuit returns to the charge between January and March with four competitions divided between Navarra, Soria and Huesca, will be a must for lovers of challenges, with a circuit consisting of three segments .

The first consists of a race on foot, which tends to oscillate between 7 and 10 km, which will pass through the head town of a mountain valley. After finishing this first sector, the participants will take their bicycle to cross the distance between the city and the ski resort, some 18 to 30 km, according to the competition. Once at the ski resort, the triathlete will put on his skis to do the third sector, a tour on a cross-country ski circuit that goes from the 7 to the 10 km.

This modality, that arose in Vañverg, in the French Alps, quickly the modality hooked to cross-country skiers, cyclists, runners, mountaineers or athlete who have been adding to this challenge over the years. Once again, all sports lovers will be able to join this edition of the Winter Triathlon that will start the next 19 in January.

All the information about the 2013 Winter Triathlon can be found on its website (


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