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The Circuits of the IRONMAN World Championship in Nice 

El Nice IRONMAN World Championship It is one of the most anticipated events on the triathlon calendar and will take place on September 10.

This year, for the first time in history, thousands of athletes will face unique challenges and impressive landscapes in this event in the beautiful city of Nice, where the men's PRO test of the world championship.

Last year, the Norwegian Gustav Iden he was victorious, with a final time of 07:40:23.

Iden completed the swim segment in 00:48:22, the bike segment in 04:11:05 and finished the run in 02:36:14. This year the times will surely be very different and that is why we have made an analysis of the circuits to be able to know what the athletes will face

In this official video you can quickly see what the circuit will be.

swimming circuit 


The swimming course, known as “ROKA Swim de la Baie des Anges”, is a 3.8km journey in the blue waters of the Mediterranean.  

Athletes will enter the water from the pebble beach at “Plage des Ponchettes” and follow a double rectangular path perpendicular to the Promenade. This swimming is famous for its crystal blue waters, and swimmers will enjoy stunning views of the coast and the Maritime Alps in the background. 

The swimming segment It has a "W" shape. with two round trips of about 875m each and two sections parallel to the coast of about 150m each.  

Unlike the 70.3 2019 world championship that started on the beach, this year the athletes will start from a few meters into the water.  

It is expected that The water temperature in Nice is between 21° and 24°C. Since the average temperature is 22.3°C, age group athletes are likely to wear wetsuits.  

cycling circuit 


The “FulGaz BIKE” cycling course is a challenging 180.2km circuit which is considered one of the most spectacular and challenging of all the IRONMAN tests.  

The tour starts directly in the city and ascends through the interior of Nice through beautiful hillside villages.  

The athletes enjoy the picturesque views of the Alpes-Maritimes region on the ascent and then you will be able to appreciate Clues de Gréolières on your descent. 

Image of the cycling sector map
Image of the cycling sector map

Despite the impressive coasts and charming towns, this circuit presents long ascents and technical descents reaching 2.400 meters of unevenness + accumulated and with sections of up to 8% on the ascents.

The course is very similar to that of IRONMAN France 2022, with the only difference being the descent to Greolieres, which is now less winding.  

You can consult the entire circuit in video in the following link

Race Circuit 


The race course is completely flat and it takes place along the Promenade des Anglais, which must be covered four times.  

The “HOKA RUN” race course spans the iconic Promenade des Anglais from end to end.  

This four-lap, 42.2km course will take riders past the famous beach clubs, the Chaises Bleues and the monumental Hotel Negresco, all with the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop. Upon arrival at Nice International Airport, athletes will make a U-turn. 

Although the profile of the course does not present challenges in terms of elevation, the possible high temperatures and wind may be factors to consider. On hot days, athletes will find little shade on the course. 

Differences between the Kona and Nice circuits 

The Nice circuit for the Ironman World Championship will present some differences compared to Kona in several aspects: 


Nice in September is cooler than Kona in October. The maximum temperatures range between 22°C and 26°C in Nice, while in Kona they reach 29°C to 30°C. Also, the relative humidity in Nice is 70%, slightly lower than Kona's 78%. 


Although the water temperature may be similar, the Mediterranean could be saltier, offering more buoyancy.

In addition, the bay of Nice, known as "Baie des Anges", is more protected, reducing the probability of strong waves. 


The cycling circuit in Nice is noticeably different from the one in Kona. It includes time trial elements, long climbs, technical descents and passages through small towns.

Lhe technical descents in Nice require constant concentration, and there is potential for strategic attacks in these sections. 


Although the course is flat, the pace will be extremely fast. The four lap repeat can be mentally challenging, especially in the later stages of the race. 

Info via Trirating, IRONMAN.

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