Clément Mignon and Ellie Salthouse win the IRONMAN 70.3 Andorra          

Erik Merino sixth and Laura Gómez ninth

Today the first edition of the IRONMAN 70.3 Andorra where it has had a large poster of professionals.

The Spanish have competed in the test, competing Albert Moreno, Julen Díez, Erik Merino, Víctor del Corral, Jordi Montraveta, Guillem Rojas, Francesc Artigues and Laura Gomez

The competition started at 7:25 in the morning with the 1.900 meter swim in Lake Angolasters.

In the men's race, Cameron Wurf, who started with a difference of 3:30 compared to the head of the race, reached the lead of the test at kilometer 40 of the cycling segment. After that he left alone trying to get the maximum difference to face the running segment.

He finally reached T2 with 2:20 on Clément Mignon. At this point there were 3 Spaniards in the 7th, 8th and 9th positions, Albert Moreno, Jordi Montraveta and Erik Merino.

In the foot race, the Frenchman Mignon little by little, cutting time off Wurf, surpassing him at kilometer 15.

From there Clement Mignon he went forward to finally claim victory with a time of 4:22:56. The second classified has been Michele Sarzilla (4: 24: 47) and third Cameron Wulf (4: 25: 53).

As for the Spanish Erik Merino has been 6th, Jordi Montraveta 11º and Víctor del Corral 12º.

Male classification

Site First Name Time Difference
1 Clement Mignon  04:22:56
2 Michele Sarzilla  04:24:47 + 01: 51.03
3 Cameron Wurf  04:25:53 + 02: 57.16
4 Jon Saeveras Breivold  04:27:23 + 04: 27.29
5 Theo Debard  04:27:38 + 04: 42.21
6 Erik Merino  04:30:13 + 07: 17.68
11 Jordi Montraveta Moya  04:36:40 + 13: 44.05
12 Victor Del Corral  04:39:00 + 16: 04.15

In the women's event Ellie Salthouse that reached the leadership in the cycling segment has been the strongest, achieving victory in the test with a time of 5:10:01.

Second has been Svenja Thoes  and third Emma Bilham

Female classification

Site First Name Time Difference
1 Ellie Salthouse  05:10:01
2 Svenja Thoes  05:12:47 + 02: 46.35
3 Emma Bilham  05:13:41 + 03: 39.94

As for the Spanish Laura Gomez, the only Spanish representative, has finished in the 9th final position

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