Clemente Alonso is not allowed to check in his bike to travel to South Africa

The Spanish triathlete Clemente Alonso It was yesterday with the refusal of the airline Air France to invoice his bicycle.

Clemente, who wanted to travel to South Africa from Las Palmas to compete in this weekend's IRONMAN.

But at the time of billing his bike, the company refused him since he asked you to notify them in advance, although he did so with 4 days.

This is what he has commented on Networks

«Yesterday I was checking in to go to IM South Africa and pay for the bike with AirFrance when they told me that the company that made the last leg had denied the transport of my bike.

No prior notification. So I had to stay on land. AirFrance / KLM asks you to notify them in advance if you are traveling by bike, which I did 4 days before and which later appeared in my reservation, but it seems that it does not matter to notify me that the bike is not going to arrive at its destination and when I have no margin maneuvering. Did they offer a solution? NO

 So I recommend avoiding Air France / KLM as much as possible if you are going to travel by bike… And if you have no choice, I would not notify the company.

I would check-in at check-in normally, which will be treated as one more suitcase along the way. With these people, it is true that it is better to apologize than ask for permission.

Now let's see if I can get a reasonable flight to go at the last minute (it is not ideal, being journeys of approx 24h in total) or I close the year and 3 months of training are going to waste. I just wanted to advise you to avoid these two companies if you travel by bike.

Please, I would pray that no one tell me about battles about how that can be or how her aunt Rita managed to get from the Normandy landing to Port Elisabeth buying some scratch tickets, which I have been looking for solutions for this and complaining for 24 hours. 

Ah, the company that denied the suitcase in South Africa was Safair, in case you travel there, avoid it like the plague.

Bad these for denying, bad Air France, to whom I bought the ticket, for not knowing how to manage the trips.

By the way, traveling by bike several times a year around the globe since 1996, the first time something similar has happened to me. In case someone comes to play the joker Paco Martínez Sorito".

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