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The Atleti Triathlon Club, forced to change its name, since Atlético de Madrid does not let them use their image

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The Atlético de Madrid Football Club has forced the Atleti Triathlon club to change its name since it will not let him use his name and the shield, so the club has been renamed Atletico triathlon.

The Triathlon Club was born in 2011 with the goal to unite the two hobbies of its founders, the Triathlon and the Athletic of Madrid. In 2015 he obtained the verbal permission from Atlético to continue using the shield with the name of the Atlético de Madrid Foundation. However, now, the mattress club asked him to stop using the name Atleti and the shield. To avoid problems with the mattress club, this red-and-white amateur sports club will be called Club Triatlón Atlético.

As reported by the newspaper Marca, since this summer the lawyers and leaders of the club have been taking steps so that the members of the triathlon stopped using the name of Atleti and also the shield. All this has now led to the rechristening of the club as Club Triathlon Athletic.

From Atlético they totally disengage from this club because they say that today there are only soccer teams under their name, thus moving away from any relationship the mentioned triathlon club, besides insisting that they have never had a section of this sport.

This is the official statement that the Atleti Triathlon has published on its Facebook page

TRIATLÓN ATLETI was born in 2011, by the hand of its founders Mario and Nano, with the intention of combining two hobbies: the triathlon and Atlético de Madrid. For each of the members of this club since its birth, it was always a pride to wear the rojiblancas stripes in each training and competition, and being our sole intention season after season, to leave the name of Atleti in our sport, participating in hundreds of tests throughout the national territory and abroad and picking podiums in regional championships , national races or popular races of all kinds, without forgetting our greatest exponent, Jairo Ruiz López (numerous times Spanish Champion in the different disciplines of this sport, as well as, Sub-champion of Europe, Sub-champion of the World and Paralympic Bronze in Rio) 16).

After various approaches to the Club Atlético de Madrid, SAD without getting positive answers, in the 2015 year we obtained verbal permission to use the official shield with the logo of the Atlético de Madrid Foundation, a fact that encouraged us to continue fighting for colors Atletico and we approached our desired goal to be part of the club of our loves. Last July 28 received a request from the lawyers of the Club Atlético de Madrid, SAD after which we had to paralyze our RRSS and our website and page were blocked of selling our clothes (a sale that had no intention of profit).

After a meeting of our board of directors with athletic leaders the October 26, we are urged to stop using the name ATLETI, as well as the shield of the Fundación Atlético de Madrid (whose use we had authorized from 2015) or the foundational shield of our CLUB TRIATLÓN ATLETI.Club Atleti Triathlon held its Ordinary General Assembly last 11 in November, in which Club members were exposed to the current situation with the Club Atlético de Madrid, SAD To avoid new conflicts with Club Atlético de Madrid, SAD was unanimously agreed by the assembly members to adapt the foundational name of the club to CLUB TRIATLÓN ATLÉTICO with which it will be registered as of now in the register of sports entities, as well as in the federation competitions, but with the clear idea of that the spirit of this club will remain the same and that we will continue fighting for the red and white colors in each training and competition.

We appreciate all the support from Atletico fans and friends received in recent days and, of course, we thank each and every one of the triathletes who have made this club great year after year; now more than ever we will stay together and strong to bring the rojiblanco colors to the top. Madrid, November 13 of 2017Club Atlético Triathlon

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