What are the most numerous Triathlon clubs in Spain?

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In the following article we show you some of the most numerous clubs in Spain. We encourage readers to collaborate and help us find the clubs with the most triathletes in our country.

What is the club that has the most triathletes in Spain?

 In recent years the growth of triathlon has been spectacular, in the 2.000 year there was little more than 4.000 licenses2007 was reached in 10.000 and 2012 in 20.000. Last year, for the first time, 30.000 licenses, distributed in a 24.000 male and 6.000 female licenses, for a total of 1.109 clubs (*)

And of those more than a thousand clubs Which are the most numerous?

We have contacted in private with several clubs throughout Spain as well as with several territorial federations.

La Federació Catalana de Triatló He gave us the information of his autonomous community, where the ahead Club Triató Granollers It is the most numerous with 110 licenses (85 men and 25 women).

The second most numerous is the CE Rayoteam with 110 licenses (79 men and 25 women) and the third the Fasttriathlon - CN Montjuic with 97 (66 + 31).

For its part, Andalusian Triathlon Federation He also provided us with information. This autonomous community has almost 200 clubs, 197 in total, which means around the 18% of all of Spain. In total seven clubs exceed the 100 licenses.

 The most numerous is the AD Sevilla with 177 federated (112 adults and 65 minors), followed by the Montilla Córdoba Triathlon with 126 (60 adulos and 66 minors) and the CT Bahia de Málaga with 123. The rest of the clubs with more federated 100 are the Real Club Mediterráneo, Cover, CT Rincon de la Victoria Tuk-Tuk Noodles and Isbiya Sloppy Joe's.

Subsequently we have contacted other clubs directly. In the Valencian Community, Club Trilavall of Vall d'Uixó has federated 106 and CDM-CL Avant Moncada 206 are triathletes of which 63 are girls. It also highlights the large number of federated paratriathletes, possibly the club in Spain that has more.

In Galicia, Ferrol Triathlon Club has 39 athletes in the Escola Javi Gómez Noya (from prebenjamín to cadet) and 49 triathletes from junior onwards and in Castilla-La Mancha Rodense Triathlon Team they are 57 federated but in total it has more 160 athletes among children and adults.

Can not find your club?

There are still many "centennial" clubs that we would like to know and add in our article, so we ask our readers if they can provide us data of your clubs to complete this article.

(*) Data obtained from the web http://www.csd.gob.es

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