The show begins: Everything prepared for the WTS of Abu Dhabi with Mario Mola in the lead

On Friday, the 2019 WTS circuit opens with the test in Abu Dhabi with 8 Spanish representatives

The next March 8 will be held in Abu Dhabi the first appointment of the 2019 Triathlon World Series, where we will see the best triathletes of the specialty fighting for victory.

This first test, about sprint distance, it will not be Javier Gómez Noya, which has chosen the Bermuda WTS (Olympic Distance) for its debut in the World Series, however Noya, will run a sprint test in New Zealand the next March 31 in the World Cup New Plymouth

Mario Mola and Vicky Holland will defend the 1 number on the starting line

As for the professionals who will be in the test we will see Mario Mola, triple world champion Vicky Holland, winner last year of the WTS. They will start with the 1 number defending their title obtained in the 2018.

In the men's test, we found the 10 best triathletes last year at the starting line, where Mario Mola winner of this test in 2016 and second last year, will try to climb back to the top again.

Henri Schoeman, winner last year, Vicent Luis second in the WTS 2018 Ranking, , Jacob Birtwistle, Kristian Blummenfelt, or the British Alex Yee of 20 years winner of the World Cup in Cape Town will be some of the professionals to take into account, without forgetting Fernando Alarza, that this year begins a new stage with a new coach and will surely give a lot to talk about. As for the rest of Spaniards in the test, we found Vicente Hernández y Antonio Serrat.

Male start list

In the women's test, Vicky Holland y Katie Zaferes (The first two in WTS 2018) are the ones that focus attention but do not forget triathletes of the size of Georgia Taylor Brown, third in the Ranking last year,  Ashleigh Gentle  winner of the Grand Final, Jessica Learmonth, Rachel Klamer winner last year, Non Stanford, Cassandre Beagrand or the winner of the recent World Cup in Cape Town, the Japanese Ai Ueda. Surely they will try to put it hard in this inaugural event.

As for the Spanish, we will see the expected return of Carolina Routier to the world series, where they will accompany her Sara Perez y  Miriam Casillas Top 10 at the Cape Town Cup o Anna Godoy which was eleventh.

Female start list


The men's event will begin at 14 on Friday: 06 (11: 00 Spanish time) while the women's event will be played at the 16: 06 local time (13: 06 Spanish time) and can be followed live through the web of the ITU and by Teledeporte.

There are no previous results.

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