The season begins for Víctor del corral

Current Duathlon World Champion and Triathlon Cros European Champion, Víctor Del Corral, is finishing the preparation stage for the new 2012 season in Lanzarote, giving way to the first important races of the year.

This past weekend, he competed in the first of the French Grand Prix events at Issy Les Moulineaux. The duathlon, a French sprint distance, 5km on foot, 30km by bike and another 5km on foot, passed between the Parc de l'Île Saint Germain and the streets and avenues of the town, where once again the level of the participants was worthy of any European or world championship, and in which from beginning to end the duathletes imposed a great rhythm.


Víctor explains to us that it was the first test of the season that he had planned on his calendar, and that he wanted to see how he was in the race. Despite not being long distance, which is where he is focusing all his efforts this year.

“The race went well, especially in the first run and in the cycling segment where I was in the lead with some of my colleagues from the Marville 55 Triathlon Club, in the last segment of the duathlon I set a great pace, finally entering the finish line 8th and 2nd member of the team. Happy with what I was able to give and with the result, since the training sessions so far have not been aimed at fast paces. We won by teams, which makes everyone very happy to get this first important victory. "

With this, he also tells us that he has already closed the deal with all his sponsors and collaborators and that he will race with the prestigious Cannondale bicycle brand.

On April 14, he will test his new Cannondale Slice in the Half Challenge in Fuerteventura, a test that will serve the triathlete as a set-up for the first major goal of the season, the IM of Lanzarote.

Víctor explains to us that after the IM of Lanzarote he has other tests such as the Altriman, Alpe d'Huez and Embrunman, also long-distance triathlon tests.

As for the brands that bet on him, his faithful sponsors continue to support him such as Inverse, Club Triathlon Marville, Victory Konquest, Compressport and Victory Endurance and as collaborators he continues to count on Indiba Activ, Nike, Creu Groga, David Serra Fisioterapia and VO2. is, they had already been supporting the triathlete the previous year. This year, new collaborators have also been added to the list, such as the large Sands Beach Resort tourist complex, located in Costa Teguise (Lanzarote), Ekoï, Zone 3, Max's System, USE and Mas Deportes.

Finally, it should be said that this triathlete, in addition to moving very well on social networks and getting more followers every day, also has his video blog ( and has published his website barely a month ago ( in three languages ​​(English, French and Spanish), a fact that has been received very positively by the international public.

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