How to improve your performance with a stress test?

Our collaborator OH P, tells us in this article the guidelines and knowledge to improve sports performance with the results of a stress test.



The main value obtained from a stress test with expired gas analysis is probably the VO2max or maximum oxygen consumption.


Remember that this parameter indicates the amount of oxygen that is used or consumed per unit of time, and will depend on all the factors involved in the path that must follow the oxygen molecules in the human body from atmospheric air to penetrate the inside the mitochondria of each muscle, where they produce a lot of energy. Throughout the oxygen chain, it is possible to intervene to improve performance.


The processes of ventilation - perfusion and diffusion in the alveolar capillaries in pulmonary respiration can be conditioned by unhealthy habits such as smoking or by diseases that directly affect the bronchial tree such as asthma or alterations such as emphysema or bronchitis.


In the case of smoking, it is clear that it is nI need to stop smoking, in the others cited, pharmacological treatment will be necessary. And in cases where there is not even contamination, improvement is possible with exercises to expand vital capacity, either by apneas, training of respiratory muscles, improving the quality of the air breathed, that is to say, training in spaces free of contamination.


Regarding the cardiovascular phase both centrally and peripherally we can increase the VO2max. Cardiac function can be improved by training at different intensities, at low heart rates, but also at high pulse, the heart will acquire the ability to respond adequately to the training we propose.


At the peripheral level, the cardiovascular system depends on the concentration of hemoglobin, the number of red blood cells, the correct peripheral vascularization, the number of mitochondria ... and the oxidative enzymatic capacity.


Actually, our alimentación, Our Healthy HabitsOur rest, and of course the training will be those that define the improvements at the peripheral level. In these moments, when everything is controlled, it is the ergogenic aids that will increase our VO2max by allowing us to perform more exercise.


On the other hand we can not forget the neurological area with the capabilities to perform certain movements more or less easily. The specificity of the sport is considered in the stress test in order to obtain the most real values, if it is a long distance runner, the test will be incremental in level, if it is a mountain runner the protocol of the test will be with speed and slopes Increasingly, if a cyclist will use a cycle ergometer to assess your VO2max.




Thus, any lesion, whether locomotor or neurological, affects the result by underestimating the results. The solution, if possible, of these alterations will lead to an increase in the global capacity to do this particular exercise.


It is necessary to admit that the VO2max is a genetic value, that an 70-80% is defined and can not be modified, some parameters such as weight, our habits of life and especially training can increase our capacity, but we will certainly need a test to know what levels I am in and schedule the best.


In conclusion, the knowledge of your parameters obtained from the stress test, allow you to assess your physiological capacity and offer you the possibility of achieving medium and long-term goals in your training and competitions.  



M Jesús Núñez Martí

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