What is the World Triathlon RangeRanger anti-drafting system like?

Yesterday, World Triathlon announced a new system to control drafting in their competitions taking advantage of the technology that has been developed specifically to control the distance between cyclists.

It is a product that has been developed jointly by World Triathlon, the University of Canterbury and by 2 triathletes from New Zealand, James Elvery and Dylan McNeice.

The system consists of two pieces that will have to be placed on each wheel of the bicycle.

Thanks to the installation of these units, it will be possible to measure the distance between the competitors by warning of the distance between the athletes through lights.

In the event of an infraction, the system will display flashing lights and notify the officials supervising the competition.

Thanks to these devices, all the race information will be saved automatically and the Penalty Boxes will also be recorded, to control the time of the sanction.

Before applying it, it will be tested in competition

The RaceRanger system will be tested in various tests in New Zealand to see its performance and after the necessary adjustments it will be officially implemented in all competitions that are run without drafting.

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