What will it be like to do triathlon with a mask?

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the world of sports and specifically that of triathlon.

Triathlon is one of the most complete sports that exist since it combines the discipline of swimming, cycling and running, all in the same competition.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the world of sports and specifically that of triathlon.

In 2020 we saw how competitions were being postponed due to the health situation around the world, including the suspension of the most important event for the first time in history, as has been the IRONMAN of Hawaii.

The good news is that thanks to excellent management by the federations some of the competitions could be held in 2020.

The triathlon at the head of the safe return to competition

As we said, the triathlon It has been one of the sports that has worked the most in the return to competition designing protocols to guarantee the safety of participants.

In the case of Spain, the Spanish Triathlon Federation designed its Covid-19 action plan and protocol, where some measures were reflected that guarantee the safety of all personnel and participants in competition.

The essential use of the mask

The use of the mask has been proven to be one of the best measures to prevent the spread of the virus, at first it was difficult to get them, but now they can be purchased in various marketplaces or in the store to buy your antivirus mask.

Pre-competition measures

In the previous moments of the competition it will be necessary to follow some basic recommendations such as wear the mask, keep the safety distance, wash your hands with hydroalcoholic gel, etc.

All the organization's staff will have to wear masks at all times and if they are available face shields

Delivery of masks and supplies
FETRI / Delivery of masks and supplies

What will the competition be like?

Athletes will have to wear the mask until just before starting the test, where they will have to throw it in an authorized area.

Outputs will have a Rolling start format with limited runs in the number of triathletes or doing a start in time trial format.

In the case of limited joint departure, on the pontoon, keep a safe distance until the time that the judges mark the start of the competition.

In the cycling segment, Drafting will not be allowed (go to wheel) and it will be necessary to maintain a minimum distance when overtaking.

The foot race will also be marked by Covid measures since circuits will be prevented from being roundtripa to avoid coming face to face with other athletes. In addition, a safety distance must be maintained at all times.

As in the cycling segment, in overtaking it will be necessary to leave a distance with respect to the other athlete.

Once the competition is over, the athletes will leave the finish area, collect their supplies and go to an open area in order to maintain a safe distance.

Temperature control before entering the pits
FETRI / Temperature control before entering the pits

International elite competitions

International elite competitions, due to the control that triathletes do with PCR tests, antigens, etc. The days prior to the competition will follow this same protocol, although only with regard to the pre and post competition part.

The competition, which will have a limited number of participants, will be played in the usual way depending on the format and distance.

An example was the Triathlon World Cup in Valencia, held in November 2020, which was a success and a worldwide reference on how to play a triathlon safely.

Triathlon in 2021

Although we are not expected to have mass tests As we have had in recent years, it will be possible to continue contesting tests by following these protocols, the leading piece being undoubtedly the mask.

In everyone's mind we have to be aware that it is a difficult time, but acting responsibly, we can enjoy our passion by competing safely.


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