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What will 10k races be like in the Covid era in 2021?

We take an example with a career in Madrid

The year has started and also popular races begin. An example of this is the race organized by Laetus in Tres Cantos (Madrid), which has designed a protocol so that athletes can participate in a safe way.

The organizers estimate that about 1.000 runners will participate in the event with 3 different starts.

The Pedestrian Tour of Tres Cantos, which is celebrating its XNUMXth edition, will be held on Sunday 17 2021 January with important changes in order to adapt to the restrictions imposed by the Covid19.

2 distances

In order to comply with the requirements contained in the test protocol, Two distances are proposed, 10 and 5 km., both tests will have a route of 1 lap.

All participants will have to lread these documents to properly comply with the regulations established in the competition

Independent departures with 300 people

Several totally independent exits are established, in which a maximum of 300 people, It is mandatory to indicate the planned race pace when registering.

At the moment, 3 exits have been planned

Batches of 30 people, leaving every 2 minutes

Each of the outputs is divided into rounds of 30 participants, ordered by expected rhythm and that will come out with a difference of 2 min. between each batch.

 In turn, the participants of each round, will maintain before the start lateral and longitudinal separation of 2 m.

The race will be in real time, that is, each participant will activate their timing when passing on the starting mat.

The mask will be mandatory until km 1,3

Use of El mask is mandatory until km. 1,3. Participants will receive a mask and another just after crossing the finish line.

Once the finish line is passed, the participant will receive a second mask, the use of which is mandatory until the participant leaves the event (then it will be subject to legal regulations)

The results will be sent by SMS

All participants will receive an SMS with their time and once all the batches are finished, the times will be consolidated to obtain the general classification of the test.

The first classified will receive the medals at their home.

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