How to see the ZPro Tri Race Series live?

The Zwift platform has just announced a new series of races only for professional triathletes!

Called «ZPro Tri Race Series “It will be a weekly competition that begins today (Wednesday April 15) with a 23 km race two laps around the Astoria Line 8 circuit in New York at Zwift.

These races are open to the entire Zwift professional triathlete community, which has more than 200 members.

Some athletes who will be are Lionel Sanders, Tim Don, Marten Van Riel, Holly Lawrence, Lucy Charles-BarclayFlora Duffy.

As for the Spanish they have been summoned Javier Gómez Noya, Mario Mola. Eneko Llanos Pablo Dapena among others.


Women will start at 17:00 pm (16:00 CET), while men will start at 17:45 pm (16:45 CET)

Where to see it live?

This racing series will air live on Zwift's YouTube and Facebook channels, with Matt Lieto and Sean Jefferson commenting.

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